Frenzee Accu-Cast Feeders

Sun 16 February 14


Feeder fishing from its humble beginnings when hair curlers and strips of roofing lead were the norm has evolved from its crude beginnings into one of the most skilful elements of modern match and coarse fishing. The evolution of the feeder has come on leaps and bounds over the past decade or so with numerous innovations in material, shape and design, leaving many an angler scratching their heads when greeted by literally hundreds of different feeder options to choose from. Now if you compete as a club or match angler on commercial fishery and rivers or you’re a specialist angler where accuracy is critical, then you will require a specific type of feeder for these situations. One new range of feeders that have been specifically designed for these types of situations are the ACCU-CAST FEEDERS from FRENZEE, read on as we take them out on the bank to see how they perform whilst in use.

Frenzee Accu-Feeders 1

Vital Statistics

The ACCU-CAST FEEDERS have been manufactured using a seriously strong near indestructible plastic mesh that holds it shape superbly. They feature a specially designed T shape lead that runs down the back of the feeder’s cage and along either side of the cage base. This style of lead has been specifically designed to enable the feeder to cast straight and accurately in even the strongest of winds. The other main feature of the T shaped lead is that in proportion to the size of the cage, the amount of weight fitted is heavier than standard, meaning you wont have to add extra weight to the feeder in extreme weather condition to obtain spot on accuracy every cast. With the lead being loaded on either side of the base of the cage, this will enable you to achieve greater distances, whilst keeping your casting as accurate as possible. To attach the feeder to your reel line you have an oversized rubber O ring mounted underneath the fold of the lead, with a swivel clip attached for quick change when required.

Frenzee Accu-Feeders 2

Field Tested

I set up on a peg that offered the option of fishing a feeder into open water at 60yds or tight to an island at around 40yds, so at least I would have an option if the going got tough in these far from good conditions. After clipping up to the island, I loaded the feeder full of groundbait and cast the 24g feeder to the mark near the island. Even with a very gusty cross wind the feeder flew like a dart to the spot. After several casts, I soon realised this was a very consistent casting tool, the feeder constantly returning to the same spot, being totally un-hindered by the ever increasing cross wind (a very impressive performance from a small feeder). Even after guiding a cast slightly too far to the right and ending up snagged to the island, with a few steady pulls the feeder released itself and returned totally in tact, so they can handle a bit of punishment as well. After an hour or so, my tip belted round and I was playing a good sized common that obviously new where the lily pads used to be and after a few scary grinds of these on my hooklength and the feeder, I eventually managed to land the impressively coloured common, that weighed in at around 12lb mark. I inspected the feeder before recasting and everything was in tact, even after being dragged through numerous hidden snags that the fish obviously new very well, there was no sign of wear or tare on the feeder.

Frenzee Accu-Feeders 3

Final Thoughts

As a self proclaimed lover of all things to do with feeder fishing I have to admit I liked these feeder based on strength and casting accuracy in what can only be described as severely strong winds (50mph gusts). Even when using the 18g options I was able to cast very accurately at just over 40yds with no adjustment required to compensate for the severe cross wind, the feeder simply flew straight every time. If I was to find any fault in the ACCU-CAST FEEDERS it would be that I personally dislike O ring connections on my feeders as I find them to be somewhat cumbersome attachments but they are very strong and won’t break even when casting into the horizon, as I said, this is only my personal preference.

Frenzee Accu-Feeders 4

The range includes five different sizes and weights to cover pretty much all river and commercial fishery feeder situations, you have the 3 hole, 18mm long option that carries 18g, the 4 hole, 25mm long option that carries 24g, the 5 hole, 33mm long option that carries 30g, the 6 hole, 38mm long option that carries 38g and the final option has 7 holes, is 45mm long and carries 42g of weight. With a feeder to cover everything from minimal feed fishing in winter, right through to the big river feeders where you need to pack in bait, The ACCU-FEEDERS have it covered. They are now available from all FRENZEE stockists for the very reasonable price of just £1.50 each which isn’t a great deal to pay for a well designed and very accurate feeder.


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