Dinsmores Grippa-Styx AA & AB

Thu 04 June 15


West Midlands based Dinsmores are making many freinds in the match ans specialist fraternities with the release of the Gippa-Styx range of leads. These barrel shaped shot offer a more streamlined profile, making them a versatile weight system suitable for everything from pole rigs to shotting a waggler or stick float, plus the carp and specialist angling fraternities can also get plenty of mileage out of them

To keep the momentum going, Dinsmores have now extended the range of these very popular non toxic Grippa-Styx to include sizes AAA 7 AB. These latest additions to the Grippa-Styx range have been specifically designed for the UK market and are fully compliant with UK lead restrictions. To make them easier to apply and remove, they have a wide slot and a unique special mat coating which protects your line from any potential crushing or damage.

Final Thoughts

These latest additions to the Grippa-Styx range make the range totally adaptable to all angling situations, making them a must have in any anglers tackle box. They’re available in the now distinct mat camo algae green and mud brown colours and can be brought in individual sizes which cost £1.99 or to save a few bob, you can buy a 5 size dispenser (AAA, BB, 1, 4 & 6) and one of these will cost you £6.99.


Visit the Website: http://www.dinsmores.co.uk/