Middy Tackle Hi Carbon Barbless KM-2 Hair Rig Eyed Hooks

Tue 10 September 13


KM-2 Hair Rig Eyed Hooks

With the colder months now well and truly creeping upon us, the commercial fishery angler will be spending more and more time scratching out bites on the straight lead or a feeder, especially on those cruelly hard days that all match anglers have to face during the winter months. When bites are at a premium every fish hooked must be landed and one of the best ways of insuring this is to use a hook pattern that offers good strength and an exceptionally sharp point. One pattern of hooks that ticks the aforementioned boxes and that are definitely worth considering are the HI-CARBON BARBLESS KM-2 HAIR-RIG EYED HOOKS from Derbyshire based MIDDY TACKLE.

The KM-2’s have a subtle, non reflective mat grey finish making them suitable for shallow margin and fishing tight to features in clear water conditions. They also feature an out-turned eye that enables the hook to sit perfectly in line when a hair rig presentation is required, which in turn produces a perfect hook hold on every take. The UKMA team found the HI-CARBON BARBLESS KM-2 HAIR-RIG EYED HOOKS to be are ideally suited for all hair rig bait presentation especially when fishing with corn, meat, pellet and boilies on the method feeder, cage feeder and straight lead.

KM-2 Hair rig eyed Hooks

Final Thoughts

All though specifically designed for hair rig presentation, I’ve also seen match anglers using this pattern for margin pole rigs when big fish down the edge are the target and strong gear is imperative. After using them on a recent bream session we found that they stayed critically sharp after several fish. The UKMA team have learned over the years that because bream have very soft mouths, they have an uncanny habit of making hooks blunt but this wasn’t an issue and because they remained sharp, they produced an excellent hook hold every time.

The HI-CARBON BARBLESS KM-2 HAIR-RIG EYED HOOKS are available in sizes 10, 12, 14, 16 & 18, so there is a size to suit all bomb and feeder tactics, whatever the size of hookbait that you maybe using. They’re sold in packs of 10’s and these excellent hooks sell for the special retail price of £1.10 per pack and they’re now available from your local MIDDY TACKLE retailer


Visit the Website: http://www.middytackle.com/