MAP Dual Hook Length Box

Wed 12 August 15


Optimising storage space in your set box is a must these days, with so many accessories and terminal items now needed to cover your requirements whilst in a match angling situation. One group of terminal tackle items that can take up some serious draw space are your hooklength boxes and hook boxes. These must have items both need to be stored in a case that are practical, as well as offering versatility in storage options. One option in this department that has recently arrived in the UKMA HQ for review is the Dual Hook Length Box from Milton Keynes based MAP, read on as we take a close look at what it has to offer you the angler.

MAP Dual Hook Length Box

Vital Statistics

As soon as you open the packaging and take a look at the Dual Hook Length Box, you have a product in your hands that has had a lot of thought put into it. Starting with the outer case, this features a clear UV Protective Lid that serves two purposes. Firstly, it enables you to instantly identify your hook lengths. Secondly the lids UV protective properties offers total protection of your hook lengths from the suns harmful UV rays.

Clear lid offers instant rig recognition and UV protection

Once you’ve opened the front mounted, clip lock catch, you will find nine (9) printed measure sliders with full adjustable retaining pins. Each pin has a screw thread so it can be adjusted to assure your hook lengths are kept under perfect tension at all times. These adjustable pins enable you to store hook lengths up to 6 inches in length, making the Dual Hook Length Box perfect for pole and method feeder hook lengths.

this two level hook length box is a great way of saving valuable space

By lifting out the hook length storage tray, you’ll find directly underneath a magnetic hook tray designed to keep loose hooks organized and dry. This enables you to store up to twelve different sizes of hooks or patterns securely and most importantly dry. There is also a large area within the magnetic tray for storage of items like loop tyers, scissors etc (not included).

Final Thoughts

This twin layered, water resistant hook length box has got everything the serious match angler needs in the hook length and spare hook storage department. Every attention to detail has been put in place to ensure that your hook lengths and hooks are stored in an environment where no water or UV damage can be done to them. you can comfortably store 90 + hook lengths of lengths up to 6 inches in length and enough hooks on the magnetic tray to last you for ages.

Foot Note – The Dual Hook Length Box is available from all leading MAP stockists, and you should expect to pay around £14.99 per box.



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