Guru Rig Case Large

Wed 04 February 15


First Look

After the resounding success of the Rig case, released in 2014, Essex based Guru have now released the Rig Case Large.
The large rig case has all the characteristics of the original Rig Case with one major advantage. The Large Rig Case has been designed to allow you to organise and store pre-tied hook lengths of variable lengths, these are six, eight, ten and twelve inches. Because of the length of the Large Rig Case, it has been fitted with a four magnet locking system which makes the case close very securely and with the inclusion of the rubber water resistant seal, this ensures that hook lengths are stored in optimum conditions, meaning no water can enter the case when fully closed.

Key features include

Double-sided design will hold in excess of 150 rigs.
Suitable for 6, 8, 10 and 12” hook lengths.
Pins are specially placed to leave room for hair rigs.
Insert stickers allow you to label and quickly identify individual hook lengths.
Unique pins are shaped to support and protect hook lengths.
Extra-long measuring pins allow you to create hook lengths of consistent length.

First Impressions

After using the original Rig Case for over a year with floor-less performance after log term use, the new Guru Large Rig Case has a very big reputation to uphold. Based on first impressions, this latest rig storage system has all the key features found on it’s smaller brother, with all potential problems being eliminated. For around £12.99 you get the perfect rig storage system for all your pole, bomb and feeder fishing needs up to 12 inches in length, the UKMA team are definitely going to be using the Large Rig Case in 2015, we’ll let you know how it performed whilst out on the bank being used in an angling environment.


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