Guru LWG Hooks First Look

Fri 17 May 13


When you are looking for terminal tackle specifically designed to suit the duties and requirements of the commercial fishery angler, Essex based GURU have quietly become the brand many successful anglers turn to. Amongst their ever growing range of products, the MWG, QM1, Pellet Waggler and X-Strong Carp Spade hooks have become incredibly popular based on there unrivalled strength and incredibly sharp points. The only thing missing from the GURU range is a hook to compete with the already well established wide gape patterns currently available on the market, until know!

Guru LWG Hookks 1

Whilst recently out on a feature with GURU backed Barry Mason, I was introduced to the all new for 2013 LWG hooks due for release in March this year. These carry all the characteristics you would expect to find in a good quality all round hook, They feature fine Teflon coating for added strength and all round durability, whilst also giving the hook a dull mat, golden brown finish. The LWG also features the fast tapered point that is created by utilising the Wasabi sharpening process that’s standard on all GURU hooks. They are supplied in sizes from 12 through to 20 in both spade end and eyed options.

GuruLWG Hooks 2

First Impressions
The LWG hooks pretty much complete the range required by the commercial fishery angler. This wide gape pattern in its spade form will find huge popularity amongst pole anglers all year round based on the patterns all round versatility and strength. In the eyed form the LWG is ideally for all hair rigging situations and will definitely suit many feeder and bomb anglers all round requirements. The will be available in packs of 10 and will cost you around £1.30 per pack from all GURU stockist


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