Guru 4 inch Method Hair Rigs

Sun 07 April 13


It’s that time of the year again where commercial fisheries come to life and the resident carp are well and truly on the feed. As any pleasure or match angler will tell you who has fished commercial for any period of time, this is when the method feeder starts coming into its own and become one of the deadliest tactics available in the anglers artillery. To accompany there already established method and pellet feeders, GURU have now released the 4” Method Hair Rigs new for 2011.

4 inch Method Hair rigs

These hooklinks carry all the characteristics you would expect to find on a hook link designed by Steve Ringer & Alex Bones, arguably two of the best all round feeder anglers in the country. The GURU 4” Method Hair Rigs utilise the awesome N Gauge Hooklength material, and the super sharp MWG Barbless Hook. They have even added silicone tube to trap and align the hair for perfect presentation, this is a feature component many anglers take for granted when assembling hair rigs.
TOP TIP – When fishing the method tight to a feature and the fish switch off, this is normally because they become wary of the continuous flow of feed entering the water. Try using the 4” Method Hair Rigs attached to one of the GURU Micro Lead Clip, this creates a semi fixed rig that you can still fish close to the island but it is less threatening to cautious fish. This change in tactics has worked for me on many occasions, catching fish when they simply wouldn’t go near a Method feeder.

Size 10 MWG Hook – 12lb N Gauge Hooklength
Size 12 MWG Hook – 9lb N Gauge Hooklength
Size 14 MWG Hook – 9lb N Gauge Hooklength
Size 16 MWG Hook – 7lb N Gauge Hooklength

Final Thoughts

There are 4 different options available in the GURU 4” Hair Rig range of pre-tied hooklinks that will cover all method and pellet feeder requirements plus all straight lead work when a shorter hooklink is a major advantage. You get eight of these very well tied 4” Method Hair Rigs per pack and they sell for £2.25, which is exceptional value for money, plus they save you valuable time when preparing for a session and when you are out on the bank.


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