Guru 100cm Feeder Special Rigs

Sat 21 May 16


For those of you who don’t have time to tie your own hooklengths, the industry have now caught on in a big way and now supply numerous options that pretty much cover all aspects of commercial fishery tactics. This is all good but for the angler looking for ready tied feeder hooklengths who target natural venues in search of silver, especially big bream, the options available are near non existent, until know!
Introducing the 100cm Feeder Specialist Rigs from Essex based Guru.

Guru 100cm Feeder Special Rigs

Vital Statistics

These latest pre-tied hooklength offerings from Guru are specifically designed with the silver fish angler who targets natural venues in search of silver fish of all species, which will please the anglers who target skimmers and big bream. These 100cm long hooklengths incorporate the very impressive Wide Gape Feeder hook spade-end pattern with high-tech N-Gauge mono.

Final Thoughts

These Feeder Special Rigs are from Guru although specifically designed for silver fish when fishing a variety of feeder and bomb fishing for species such as bream, tench and silverfish, they’ll also come in handy when scratching for bites on commercial fisheries during the colder months when everything has to be scaled down.

Foot Note – The 100cm Feeder Special Rigs are available in hook sizes from a 10 to 6lb line right down to a size 20 to 3lb line. You get eight hooklengths per spool and you’ll have to pay £3.50 per spool from all authorised Guru stockists.


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