Garbolino Commercial Fishery Hooklengths

Tue 16 April 13


Power Carp Barbless

Garbolino Commercial Fishery Hooklengths 1

Finding time to prepare terminal tackle to compete at the highest level in match fishing is a time consuming task. You can spend literally hours tying hooklengths to ensure you are prepared for all eventualities whilst in a match situation. But fortunately GARBOLINO have utilised the precision knowledge and rig making skills of England international Darren Cox, to develop a range of hooklengths specifically designed for the UK’s Commercial fishery. The UKMA team have just received a sample of the new for 2013 POWER CARP BARBLESS Commercial Fishery Hooklengths to have a look at and here’s what you get for your money.

The Commercial Fishery Hooklengths POWER CARP BARBLES incorporate the Garbolino wide gape sharp point carp bagging hooks that have a proven track record for durability and reliable sharpness even when bagging large numbers of fish. Each hook is perfectly tied to 150mm length of Garbolino GARBO LINE, with a pre-tied attachment loop at the connecting end. They come supplied on a very clever winder system that fits perfectly into your rig tray meaning no additional hooklength storage system is requires, which also means a reduction in both storage space and no additional excessive weight whilst transporting them.

Commercial Fishery Hooklengths Power Carp Barbless options

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Garbolino Commercial Fishery Hooklengths

The Commercial Fishery Hooklengths POWER CARP BARBLESS, are ideally suited for the strongest of rigs when targeting big carp, bream, tench and barbel especially in situations where marginal snags can be a problem. The hook pattern has the strength for bagging situations, especially when fishing with large baits like paste, meat, corn and pellets. They are perfect for the angler who is new to commercial fishery tactics as they offer a perfect and reliable hooklength solution but the club and open match angler will also find them very useful attributes to his terminal tackle arsenal. Each packet contains ten pre-tied hooklengths for the exceptionally cheap price of just £1.99 per pack.

FOOT NOTE – The UKMA team highly recommend this product based on exceptional build quality, component reliability and incredible value for money, you should really consider giving them a try!


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