Frenzee 0814 Hooks First Look

Thu 03 November 16


Frenzee have over the past few years built a national following, based on their ever expanding range of good quality match fishing equipment and accessories. One area that the Wales based brand have been concentrating on, is the development and expansion of their Loaded Hook range. The UKMA team have recently got our hands on samples of their latest releases, the Loaded 0814 Barbless to have a good look at and to field test over the coming weeks, here’s what they have to offer you the angler.

Vital Statistics

The Loaded 0814 hook has been designed specifically for situations when fishing for silverfish, small carp and F1’s and when finesse presentations are the order of the day. As the name suggests, these hook work perfectly with hi-tec lines from 0.08mm through to 0.14mm diameters.. They’ve been manufactured from an ultra fine Japanese 110 carbon wire, which has a black chrome finish, making this pattern ideally suited to cold, clear water conditions. These wide gape hooks feature a long swept chemically sharpened needle point,, which has been incorporated to serve two purposes. Firstly to provides a reliable hook hold and secondly to enable you the angler can confidently use a variety of baits including maggot, corn and pellet which all sit perfectly in the special bend, potentially meaning more bites are hit.

There are who options in the Loaded 0814 pattern, these are;

Loaded 0814 Barbless Spade

Frenzee Loaded 0814 Barbless spade

H-0814-S-12 | 0814 Barbless spade hook, Size 12
H-0814-S-14 | 0814 Barbless spade hook, Size 14
H-0814-S-16 | 0814 Barbless spade hook, Size 16
H-0814-S-18 | 0814 Barbless spade hook, Size 18
H-0814-S-20 | 0814 Barbless spade hook, Size 20

Loaded 0814 Barbless Eyed

Frenzee Loaded 0814 Barbless Eyed

H-0814-E-12 | 0814 Barbless eyed hook, Size 12
H-0814-E-14 | 0814 Barbless eyed hook, Size 14
H-0814-E-16 | 0814 Barbless eyed hook, Size 16
H-0814-E-18 | 0814 Barbless eyed hook, Size 18
H-0814-E-20 | 0814 Barbless eyed hook, Size 20

First Impressions

These latest additions to the Frenzee Loaded hook range definitely tick all the boxes if you are looking for a hook pattern for your winter and all year round small to medium fish sport adn at £1.25 per pack of ten, they won’t break the bank.

Foor Note – The UKMA team will be taking them out the bank soon to put the through there paces, so until then, watch this space


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