Drennan Barbless Silverfish Match

Thu 01 December 16


Here’s a question for you all. How often have you saved a bad draw by targeting silver and won you section when others around you have blanked? We bet the answer is quite a few. On rock hard days even on in form winter pegs, the traditional silver fish species including roach, rudd and skimmers will feed when the carp switch off, so you should never take them for granted. When targeting silvers, to get the best possible return for your efforts, you need to scale down your end game, to keep the bites coming, especially your hook pattern. On pattern of hook that the UKMA team members have used for some time now, with great results are the Barbless Silverfish Match from very impressive Drennan hook range, read on as we talk you through what they have to offer and will bring to your winter silver rigs.

Drennan Barbless Silverfish Match

Vital Statistics

These hooks a built using a fine wire with a non reflective bronze finish, making them ideal for clear water situations. These barbless, spade end hooks also feature a long shank, with a specially designed bend, which takes you up t the hooks chemically etched long needle point. These key features enables this pattern to offer the user superb hooking properties when loading baits like maggot, caster or pinkies, as well as offering optimum penetration on the strike, everything you should expect a quality hook to have.

Final thoughts

When targeting silver species during the colder months, you will have to shop around for a very long time to find a barbless hook pattern that compares to the Barbless Silverfish Match. These fine wire hooks are exceptionally strong and on light elastics, landing bonus fish in access of 4lbs is more than possible if the situation arises. The spade end is adequately sized to enable lines over 0.10mm diameter to be used, even on the smaller sizes. All in all a very useful silver and small fish barbless pattern, that even the most demanding of match anglers will find more than fit for the purpose they’ve been designed for.

Foot Note – The Barbless Silverfish Match are available in 14 (0.40), 16 (0.36), 18 (0.32), 20 (0.28) and 22 (0.25). sizes and diameters and are available from all authorised Drennan stockists and the sell for £1.35 per pack of ten.


Visit the Website: http://drennantackle.com