Drennan Barbless Silverfish Maggot

Wed 09 November 16


With autumn now well and truly upon us and with the water temperatures starting to plummet. Those glorious summer months of bagging are now becoming a distant memory, and sport is becoming much harder to come by. At this time of the year, you have to be prepared to catch anything you can as venues become “peggy” and the feeding habits of fish change dramatically. This is the time of year that the humble maggot becomes one of the most productive cold water baits, as it will catch anything that swims. To enable you to catch in these harder conditions, the trend is to scale your terminal tackle down to what are basically silverfish rigs, with light lines and hooks.

Drennan Barbless Silverfish Maggot

One hook pattern that is very popular amongst commercial fishery anglers targeting smaller fish at this time of year is the Barbless Silverfish Maggot hooks from Oxfordshire based Drennan. These forged barbless hooks feature chemically etched long needle point, a swept crystal bend, with a medium/long shank and are finished off with a spade end. They have a subtle, non reflective, bronze colouring, which makes them virtually invisible even in clear water conditions.

Final Thoughts

If you are on the lookout for a hook pattern that is capable of landing everything from small 1 oz silverfish,, through to small carp on light elastics, then these may be just what you are looking for. The Barbless Silverfish Maggot hooks are a great all-round hook that are ideal for winter presentations with maggots and other natural baits including pinkies.

Foot Note – The Barbless Silverfish Maggot hooks are available in sizes 14 (0.40), 16 (0.36), 18 (0.32), 20 (0.28) and 22 (0.25) and you get 10 hooks per pack. You can pick them up from all authorised Drennan stockists and you should expect to pay £1.25 per pack


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