Drennan Barbless Margin Carp

Thu 20 April 17


Its warming up and the fish are back on the feed, this means one thing to all you commercial fishery anglers, “it’s time ti hit the margins!. When fishing down the edge, you need strong, reliable terminal tackle with one of the most critical rig components being a good quality hook. Yet again, we’ve been on the net looking for hooks ideally suited to this situation and the option that has caught our eye are the Drennan Barbless Margin Carp.

Drennan Barbless Margin Carp

Vital Statistics

As the name states, these thick wired, spade end hooks are specifically designed for margin situations where heavy duty, hard wearing, sharp hooks are the order of the day. They feature a long needle point that merges into the hooks special bend. This patterns medium shank has been forged for increased strength and the hook is finished off with a good sized spade, making them perfectly suited for hooklengths where thicker diameter lines are used.

Final Thoughts

All these things combined produce a hook pattern that is 100% fit for the purpose it has been designed for. After using them for the past 8 months and landing some proper zoo creatures on them in the process of testing, that you’d be well happy if you give them a try for yourself.

Foot Note – They’re available in sizes 8 (0.71), 10 (0.67), 12 (0.60), 14 (0.51), 16 (0.48), 18 (0.43) and 20 (0.41) adn you get ten per pack. The Barbless Margin Carp are available from all authorised Drennan stockist and they sell for £1.50 per pack.


Visit the Website: http://drennantackle.com/thelatest/