Drennan Barbless Carp Maggot

Thu 19 May 16


There are more patterns of hook to choose from these days than there are anglers, with a pattern being release for every eventuality. However, some of these patterns are very versatile in their potential uses although described by the manufacturers as being only suitable for one purpose. One hook pattern that fits into this criteria is the Barbless Carp Maggot from Oxfordshire based Drennan

Drennan Barbless Carp Maggot

Vital Statistics

This pattern of hooks is manufactured from a dark red 0.48mm (size 12) down to 0.33 (size 20) gauge wire that is then forged to greatly increase the strength of the hook. The reason this material was chosen is because red is the most popular and successful maggot colour used today, so it made sense to produce a hook in the same colour. These well thought out hooks feature a amply sized spade end, making them ideal for use with heavier, thicker hooklength materials if required. They also feature a medium long shank that flawlessly blends into the hooks Swept Crystal Bend and they’re finished off with the exceptionally sharp chemically etched long needle point for assured penetration on the strike.

Drennan Barbless Carp Maggot close up

Final Thoughts

Although specifically designed for use with maggots on commercial fisheries, offering the ideal hook for single and double maggot presentations. The Barbless Carp Maggot is a pattern that can also be considered as a hook for other baits including red coloured pellet, meat and sweetcorn when bagging up.

Foot Note – The Barbless Carp Maggo are available in the following sizes and diameters

12 (0.48), 14 (0.43), 16 (0.40), 18 (0.36) and 20 (0.33).

They’re available from all authorised Drennan stockists and you will have to pay £1.45 per pack of 10.


Visit the Website: http://drennantackle.com/