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Mon 15 December 14


Winter Hooklengths

If like me, finding time to tie hundreds of hooklengths is about as likely as winning the lottery, then this review could be the solution to a very time consuming duty all match anglers have to do. Earlier this year, the UKMA team contacted North East based Ashley Francis Hand Tied Hooklengths & Rigs and we have tested and used these summer hooklengths and found them to be arguably some of the best we have ever used. To find out if the quality remained the same when using smaller hooks and lower diameter rig lines, we placed another order but this time for our winter hooklengths and here’s our honest opinion on what we received.

Ashley Francis Winter Hooklengths

The Components

The UKMA team sent up all the components required to assemble a selection of hooklengths to cover all our winter fishing on commercial fisheries. We opted for the tried and tested Kamasan B911 in sizes 14 to 20 as our chosen hooks as this hs been our chosen winter pattern for many years and has never let us down. For all of our hooklengths, our chosen Hooklength material was the ever reliable Silstar Matchteam in 0.10 up to 0.14. To store the tied hookelengths in, we opted for the superb Guru Rig Box, we’ve been using these for over a year now and they are totally waterproof when closed and keep everthing nice and tidy, plus you get enough labels to clearly identify each specific hooklength.

The finished products

Finished Product

After a 3 week wait (Ashley is a very busy chap, so always allow at least 3 to 4 weeks to ensure you get your hooklengths on time) we received our fully loaded rig box back. We proceeded to check the finished quality of all the hooklengths inside and we were totally delighted with the finished product.

Finished product 2

Every hooklength featured the exact same amount of turns on every hook, all the tags were identical in length (approximately 4mm) which enables the knot to tighten down when playing fish, without any risk of the knot slipping. All of the connection loops that connect the hooklength to your pole rig are identical, meaning that no matter how many times you change your hooklength during a match, your presentation will remain identical.

identical connection loops on all hooklengths

Final Thoughts

As with all of the products Ashley Francis produces, you get exactly what you want. Top quality assembly but most importantly, all hooklengths are totally uni-formal. The added bonus of having your hooklengths tied for you is you have piece of mind that all the componnents used in construction are what you prefer and trust. The UKMa team can now after seeing and using all of the products Ashley Francis Hand Tied Hooks and Rigs has to offer, can highly recommend his services to all serious match anglers who demand perfection. For 110 spade end hooklengths, Ashley charges £37.50, which works out at £20 for 60 hooklengths. Add to this £4.30 for recorded delivery and you get a superb product made exactly to your own specification. The UKMA team endorse Ashley Francis Hand Tied Hooks & Rigs for all your hooklength requirements, we like them that much we even pay full wack, they’re that good!


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