MW Floats Hi-Viz Margins

Tue 12 May 15


fishing the margins for big match wining fish requires top quality tackle that can take some serious punishment. Everything from the pole, elastics and terminal tackle has to be spot on or you could soon be in serious trouble.

One component of your rig that has to tick all the above boxes is your float, if it is not built to the highest standard, utilising exceptionally strong components and materials, you will soon have problems. To make your search for a reliable margin float a bit easier, The UKMA team have recently received samples of the new for 2015 Mick Wilkinson MW Floats Hi-Viz Margins, read on as we take a proper look.

MW Hi-Viz Margins

Vital Statistics.

This new margin range from Northamptonshire hand made float manufacturer Mick Wilkinson (MW Floats) incorporate a robust 0.9mm glass stem, a 2mm thick hi-viz tip, an elongated rugby ball body which gives the float superb stability, with a traditional single side eye. Although specifically designed for fish down the edge, the MW Hi-Viz Mrgins are also ideally suitable for fishing across to islands and far bank marginal snags when durability is the order of the day.

Close up of the MW Hi-Viz Margin

Final Thoughts

The UKMA team took the MW Floats Hi-Viz Margins out on the bank to put them through there paces, on a lake that holds some proper zoo creatures and the best place to catch them is right inside the dense reed lined island margins. After landing fish to 8lbs and having the float dragged through the rushes several times, it cam back in perfect condition every time.

They offer the user reliable strength and superb stability, even when fishing at 14m in gusting winds. The MW Hi-Viz Margins are available in 0.1, 0.2 & 0.3g sizes and sell for £2.35 per float, for that you get superb build quality and performance that only a few margin floats we’ve reviewed can match.


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