MW Floats HC Pole Floats part one

Wed 08 May 13


Introduction to MW Floats

Mick Wilkinson hand made pole floats are a luxury that many pole angler can only dream of getting their hands. Mick has been producing hand made pole floats for well over a decade now and during this time he has well and truly establishing himself a reputation for his innovative float designs and top quality craftsmanship. Whilst serving his time in the engineering industry, Mick acquired the skills and knowledge essential to produce this exceptional range of top quality pole floats.

Like anything good in fishing, you can’t keep it secret for too long, so the demand for these exceptional floats grew and grew. To feed the ever growing demand the on-line store was launched in 2005, making it possible for the general public to purchase Mick’s floats direct without having to go through some one in the know. So with demand now far outstripping supply, Mick now realise the demand for his floats was far greater than he could have ever imagined.

What accrued over the next couple of years was not far short of madness! Every Friday we all wait patiently by our PC’s for the product stock updates to go on-line. With our order ready to send we patiently waited, then all hell breaks loose as the site updates.

Instantly you try to order – 100 Pea HC in stock & 50 Tapered D 0.3 in stock! Right I want 10 Pea HC and 10 Tapered D 0.3, you press send to place your order, and the computer says “OUT OF STOCK” every time – worse than Argos!!

To make matters even worse, a number of opportunists who have been fortunate enough to get hold of these pieces of rocking horse poo, have decided to take full advantage of us weak willed individuals and auction the holy grail of pole floats on eBay for anything up to 3 times there retail value (dodgy sods!).

We all regularly return to the site in search of these sort after floats but for most of us we’ll just have to read another Steve Ringer article and admire them in the glossies.
However, after many phone calls and some major favours being collected, we at UKMA have finally got our hands on a selection of the MW Floats for us to review (what can we say, that hasn’t all ready been said?).

So rather than drivelling on we are going to simply show you a selection of these top quality, hand crafted floats and talk you through each floats design and what it is best suited for.
So here it is, part one of our look at the Mick Wilkinson MW Float Range.

The HC Floats Part One

HC – Hardcore Technology is now here!

Recent developments in materials and lathing technologies has enable MW Floats to now offer the angler an even more robust and reliable Pole float than ever before. By using these new materials and manufacturing processes the MW range can now offer you the angler the following exiting features;
Same shotting capacity as balsa to body mass, but with greatly increased body strength

Greatly reduced chance of line cutting into body or eyes pulling out due to the materials greater all round adhesion properties

You can still use traditional side eyes when perfect presentation is required to beat the conditions, knowing that the chance of destroying your float on a hook pull is greatly reduced.

All floats manufactured from this new material will be marked with “HC” before the name on the website.

Pattern – MW Pea HC

Sizes available – 1 size
Price – £2.00

Usage – This compact egg shaped float has found great favour with Match angling maestro Steve Ringer as the perfect float for shallow and up in the water approaches.
Being designed specifically for extremely shallow tactics, its bulbous body design makes it perfect for presenting big baits such as pellets and meat at depths a shallow as 6 inches, which is not possible when using conventional floats patterns designed for shallow work.

MW Pea

Another nice touch about the MW Pea HC is because of its egg shaped body, short stem and a single side eye – it is virtually impossible to get into tangles. The Pea HC is also an extremely buoyant float that will help you clearly distinguish the difference between proper bites and line bites especially when fishing down the edge or against features where the water is incredibly shallow. Ensuring you only strike when you need to, this could assist in potentially increasing your catch rate

Pattern – MW HC Dinky D

Sizes Available – 0.5g, 0.1g, 0.2g, &0.3g.
Price – £2.35

Usage – This classic diamond shaped bodied float is a robust in its build, as it is versatile in its design. The HC Dinky D has all the attributes you come to expect from a MW margin float. The float is built using through float construction which gives the Dinky D incredible strength and durability. To eliminate the standard problem of side eyes being pulled out whilst under extreme tension, a spring eye has been fitted to eliminate this problem.

Dinky D HC

The MW HC Dinky D was designed for out and out marginal work but has now developed a following as a very useful up in the water float. They offer great stability when fishing maggot, caster or pellet shallow or on the drop in open water.
Another great use for the HC Dinky D is on Canals when fishing big baits across for lumps, even in snaggy situations, the floats strength make it a perfect option. The MW HC Dinky D offers two hollow tip options which are 1.8mm and 2.5mm

Pattern – MW Cookie HC

Sizes Available – 0.5g
Price – £2.10

Usage – Mick named this float after Steve Cooke (4x Fishomania finalist, £25,000 Fishomania Final winner, 3 x Parkdean Masters finalist, 5 x Embassy Pairs finalist).

This balsa bodied float has been fitted with a longer than usual wire stem, this is fitted to minimise the amount of shot the float requires, which in turn allowing your bait to fall through the water column far more naturally.
The floats wire stem also aids in its stability in choppy conditions. The MW Cookie HC has also found favour amongst the legions of match anglers who still pursue sport on more natural venues like Canals and Drains.

MW Cookie HC

The Cookie has proven a priceless asset to their float armoury when fishing caster long to far bank cover and shelves.
Without question the MW Cookie HC is a great float for all you small bait presentations, either up in the water on your favourite commercial fishery or fishing Caster long on a Canal, it performs accordingly.


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