Mark Pollard Floats Winter Patterns

Thu 18 January 18


Since the UKMA team members first started pole fishing some 25 years ago. One name that has been one of the leading names associated with pole floats is Mark Pollard. From his canal classics of the 90’s right through to his new range of commercial fishery and natural venue floats, you’ll be struggling to find any pole angler who hasn’t at some point used and MP float.

So when the smallest man in match fishing said he would let us have a play with his two favourite winter patterns, the MP4 & MP6 we instantly agreed to put them under the microscope.

Mark Pollard MP4

Mark Pollard MP4

The MP4 is an all rounder pattern, ideally suited to presenting small baits when a sensitive presentation is the order of the day. These black bodied floats feature a 1.5mm hi-vis glass tip, with a traditional balsa body. The float also features a glued in standard side eye fitted to the body just below the tip and the float is finished off with a carbon stem, that improves stabillity and all round strength.

Top Tip – Ideal for all canals, drains and commercial fisheries, when you need an ultra fine presentation to register shy bites clearly.

Important Information – Shotting capacity on the MP4 is marked in styls

Mark Pollard MP6

Mark Pollard MP6

This rounded diamond shape float has all the criteria for a solid float ideally suited to dobbing bread. It features a 3mm thick glass tip, a traditional Balsa body, with a strong carbon stem. This pattern is finished off with a strong and very reliable spring eye mounted on the base of the floats tip, touching the top of the balsa body.

Top Tip – The MP6 can be used for shallow and margin fishing and features during the summer months but you’ll also get some serious mileage out of these dobbing bread in all conditions.

Final Thoughts

The UKMA team have had a proper look at the MP4 & MP6 floats from the Mark Pollard float range and they offer reliability, performance and good all round build quality for mass produced floats. The graphics are clearly printed but you will need a magnifying glass to read the small sizes ( might just be us getting old).

Foot Note – The MP6 floats are available in 4 × 10, 4 × 12, 4 × 14 & 4 × 16 and the MP6 floats are available in 0.1g, 0.2g, 0.3g & 0.4g sizes. Both patterns can be brought whit either a red or yellow tip and you should expect to pay around £1.99 per float.


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