Hillbilly Floats - Dweezils

Thu 13 March 14


When fishing the long pole is a necessary tactic and presenting baits on either the deck or in deeper than average swims, the two key features for your chosen float pattern should be strength and most importantly stability. The float should incorporate a tip bristle that will allow you to get the body below the surface skim in windy conditions whilst offering good visibility and bite indication. The floats Body shape is also critical, get your selection wrong and your rig will get dragged around by the surface skim and ruin your presentation. So to point you in the right direction UKMA have done a bit of research and found a little gen that we think you should have a real good look at

Dweezils image

The Dweezils from the excellent HillBilly hand made float range, incorporates a long 1mm thick flexible fibreglass stem which as well as making the float incredibly stable even in the deepest of swims, it also makes it a dream to use when “shipping” the pole in and out at speed because it helps to minimises tangles caused by pole bounce. The Dweezil has a rugby ball shaped body made from Tech1 foam with a choice of either 1.5mm x 40 long or 2.5mm x 35 long tips. The key to making the Dweezil floats near indestructible is the stem passes straight through the body of the float and is securely glued into the tough Hi Viz hollow tip, that once glued into the body is as strong as it gets.

HillBilly Top Tip

Use the thicker tipped version in windy conditions and don’t be afraid to use a large backshot mid way between float and pole tip or you can lay drop shot on the lake bed in order to steady the rig. For best performance try using the smaller sizes in the range with a spread bulk and droppers shot pattern whilst the larger sizes suit the use of an olivette bulk plus droppers.

Final Thoughts

If you fish at range or in deep water and demand stability from your pole rigs then the Dweezil range of floats are a sure thing. Even though this range of floats are hand crafted you still have the option of making them individual to your requirements by either having a standard or Finesse type stainless steel spring eye fitted and the option of either a 1.5mm or 2.5mm diameter tips at no extra cost. Available in 9 sizes 0.3, 0.5, 0.75, 1g, 1.25g, 1.5g, 2.0g 2.5g and 3g with red or yellow tips will cost you just £2.20 per float. We will be giving them a proper test out on the bank over the coming weeks to validate this fine floats credentials.

Foot Note – If it shows that your required products are in stock on the Hillbilly shop, your orders will be dispatched within 4 working days, if you require a product and it is showing as unavailable, then on your next visit and that product is in stock, simply order that product separately.


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