Hillbilly Floats - Ratcatcher 3

Sun 01 June 14


HILLBILLY FLOATS are amongst the best hand crafted pole floats currently available on the internet. The Staffordshire based float maker has established a range of pole floats over the years that perform their designated tasks perfectly whilst offering assured strength and durability, which are the critical factors when any match angler is selecting a pole float. The UKMA team have been having another look at his range to find a float pattern that is perfectly suited to fishing shallow in open water or shallow marginal and island features, Introducing the RATCATCHER 3.

Ratcatcher 3 main image

Vital Statistics

The RATCATCHER3 is the latest addition to the very popular Ratcatcher series and features the quick setting shape of the RC2 but with a slightly larger body and a thicker 2.5 diameter x 18mm long hollow hi-viz tip for extra buoyancy and visibility. The RC3’s body has been manufactured from the incredibly strong Tech1 foam, offering excellent strength and consistent shotting. These strong floats feature a1mm diameter flexible glass stem and is fitted as standard with a strong stainless steel spring eye. The RC3 is available in one size only and takes around 4 x no10 Stotz or shot for perfect presentation every time. As this float is only 83mm in total length, it is ideally suited to presenting larger baits such as corn, meat and banded pellets in those shallow far or near bank swims and can even be used for fishing up in the water.

HB Topt Tip – Fish with a spread bulk starting around 6” from the hook and use the weight of the bait as the last dropper for fishing up in the water. For fishing far or near bank swims shot as required before adding the bait which will sink the float. When you have placed the rig in the swim inch it carefully up the slope until the tip just shows and you will see even the tiniest of bites.

Ratcatcher £ detailed image

Final Thoughts

The RATCATCHER3 are the ideal pole float solution if you fish snake lakes where fishing tight to shallow margins with larger baits is the way forward in the warmer months. Its buoyant design also makes it the ideal choice when fishing shallow with large baits, offering you the angler superb presentation and visibility even when it’s blowing a proper hoolie. The RC3’s all round quality of finish puts it in a league of its own compared to many massed produced similar option currently available from most tackle shops. So if you’re looking for a float that can multi task and pass the test of time, the RATCATCHER3 at £2.20 each are seriously worth considering as an addition to your pole float collection.