Hillbilly Floats - HB Shallow Paste

Fri 14 June 13


With a hot summer comes the high pressure and the only way to compete on a commercial fishery is to ignore the traditional on the deck presentations and present your hook bait in the upper third of the water column in warmer water, where the carp are most likely to be found in larger numbers. Although they are not the hardest creatures to catch, match carp have learned that a bombardment of pellets falling through the water, although enticing also signals a potential danger, often resulting in the fish backing off and ignoring the pellets.

HB Shallow Paste

One method that has found favour on many commercial fisheries up and down the country is fishing paste shallow to try and fool cautious fish into taking your hookbait. Paste has already established itself as a devastating method of catching larger fish and big weights of the deck but to fish it shallow requires a different strategy and tackle to the conventional paste methods. One area where developments have made paste fishing shallow far easier for the average angler is the new generation of pole float that are ultra buoyant and capable of suspending these heavy baits.

One of the better models to arrive in the UKMA office over the past few months of pole float specifically designed for this style of presentation is the HB Shallow Paste from float manufacturer Hillbilly Floats.

UKMA spoke to Neil Powell at HB who explained the theory behind the floats design. “When fishing shallow the float tends to end up in the landing net with the fish jumping all over it and needs to be very strong. With this in mind I have made the new Shallow Paste floats from an extremely hard closed cell foam material coupled with a strong 0.9 diameter glass stem which passes right through the body which together makes these floats almost indestructible”.

Top tip – The best way of fishing with the HB shallow paste, is to Fish these floats with a piece of silicone float rubber top and bottom and feed a sloppy crushed pellet mix that is of a soup consistency to put a cloud in the water. If you cannot throw the slop far enough just add an extra pot to your top kit to enabling you to feed and ship out your baited rig simultaneously. Then all you have to do is Ship out, drop the slop into the swim from a couple of feet above the water to make a splash and lower the baited rig into the resulting cloud, the results speak for themselves.

Final Thoughts

The HB Shallow Paste floats have already established a huge following amongst some of the countries top match anglers. They are incredibly strong and perfect in strength and performance for the job that they have been specifically designed for. If you have never fished paste up in the water UKMA highly recommend you give this action pat approach a try. The HB Shallow Paste are currently available in two sizes, you have the SP1 and the largest SP2. Both sizes are available with the option of red or yellow fluorescent painted tips and they are will cost you £2.20 each.

Important HB Information – If it shows that your required products are in stock on the Hillbilly shop, your orders will be dispatched within 4 working days, if you require a product and it is showing as unavailable, then on your next visit and that product is in stock, simply order that product separately.


Visit the Website: http://www.hillbillyfloats.co.uk/