Hillbilly Floats Edge Hog

Sat 02 May 15


With the warmer weather now slowly creeping up on us, this is the cue to start looking in the margins for those big match winning fish. From May until September, many matches are won from the margins. If like myself, you fish venues with margins anything up to four feet deep, presentation can sometimes be a problem, as the majority of purpose built margin floats only taking 0.1 or 0,2g weight, which on windy days in deep margins proves to be too unstable, producing poor presentation, thus less bites.

Hillbilly Floats Edge Hog

After listening to many anglers who have experienced this issue, Hillbilly Floats governor Neil Powell decided it was time to sort thing s out and has released the new for 2015 Edge Hog floats. These latest margin floats feature a super strong Tech3 foam rounded body that gives the float reliable stability. Obviously margin floats really take some punishment, and to deal with this, the float features a strong 1 millimetre diameter flexible glass stem and a very strong 2 millimetre diameter hollow Hi Viz tips, that are designed to make best use of available light. The float is finished off with an extra strong stainless steel side eye fitted and glued 15mm deep into the floats body and you can be assured the side yee doesn’t come out.

The Side eye is glued 15mm into the floats body

Final Thoughts

If you need a float ideally suited for deep margins, then the new Hillbilly Floats Edge Hog is definitely one option well worth considering. They’re available in three sizes 0.3, 0.4 and 0.5 and with a choice of red or yellow tips, they are now available on-line from the Hillbilly Floats website and they will cost you £2-20 each.


Visit the Website: http://www.hillbillyfloats.co.uk/