Hillbilly Floats - Blimp XS

Fri 16 May 14


With finesse of presentation and durability two key features that are hard to find with many mass produced pole floats found on the shelves of many tackle shops, many serious match and club anglers are now looking at hand made pole floats that have a reputation for durability and long term performance. One of the leaders of the pack when it comes to hand made pole floats has to be Neil Powell aka Hillbilly Floats. Over the past few years, the midlands based engineer, has put together a seriously impressive CV of float patterns that have caught the attention of some of the countries top angler, including Maver/Barnsley Blacks rod Andy Kinder. To keep this trend rolling, he has taken a very successful float pattern and given it a total make over to produce the BLIMP XS. Here’s the UKMA teams first look at this latest pole float to come from the excellent HILLBILLY FLOATS range.

Blimp XS

Vital Statistics

The new BLIMP XS (Extra Strong) is based on the famous Chimp style and shape but with a few material changes made to produce a pole float with finesse of presentation but with added for extra strength. These well finished floats are an all round pattern, which can be used with a variety of baits, when strength and durability are of critical importance. They are built on a 0.7mm diameter flexible glass stem that passes through the floats tough Tech4 foam body which gives the maximum strength for this type of float. The Blimp XS is fitted with 1.7 diameter Hi-Viz tips and an extra strong stainless steel side eye, glued deep inside its body for added strength. The BLIMP XS range has the presentation capabilities to allow you to use any bait, making it the perfect all round float pattern.

HB Top Tip – When using the smaller sizes, shot with a bulk or spread bulk, plus drop shot and the larger sizes in the BLIMP XS range with an olivette and drop shot.

Blimp XS detailed image

Final Thoughts

This pattern is definitely going to make large numbers of friends amongst match anglers who have used the classic chimp style floats in the past but wanted the same presentation with assured strength and durability. There are seven size options available in the BLIMP XS range these are 4 × 8 (0.07g), 4 × 10 (0.15g), 4 × 12 (0.26g), 4 × 14 (0.4g), 4 × 16 (0.5g), 4 × 18 (0.7g) and 4 × 20 (1g).

Each size is available with the choice of either red or yellow tips and each float will cost you £2.20 each. After trying to break these latest offerings from HILLBILLY FLOATS, by using them in deep margins whilst I search of proper zoo creatures, the UKMA team have to date had no problems with eyes pulling out or body damage, even when using the BLIMP XS with strong elastics and a margin pole, they’re that strong!


Visit the Website: http://www.hillbillyfloats.co.uk/