Hillbilly Floats - AK Mini margins short

Thu 10 April 14


With temperatures rising and the fish now well and truly on the feed, this is the time of year when margin fishing on commercial fisheries starts to come into its own. On many commercial venues, fishing down the edge normally represents big fish, so the terminal tackle required has to be durable and reliable. Finding strong lines and hooks is the easy part but looking for a float suitable for fishing in 18 inches of water that is up to the job can be a mission and a half. One realist solution to this problem has just arrived in the UKMA office, introducing the new for 2014 AK MINI MARGIN SHORT from HILLBILLY FLOATS

HB AK Mini margin short

Vital Statistics

These immensely strong pole floats have been designed with a major input from top match angling and coach Andy Kinder (of Barnsley Blacks & Maver fame) He wanted a very strong margin float with a long tip to allow distinction between line bites and real bites when fishing the very shallow margin pegs on venues like Larford Match Lake with big baits such as worms and paste. The AK MINI MARGIN SHORT incorporate the exceptionally strong Tech3 foam body, a 1mm flexible glass stem which passes right through the body and this is securely glued into the floats first 8mm of the 30mm long x 1.5 diameter Hi Viz hollow tip, for assured strength and durability. To complete the job, the AK MINI MARGIN SHORT has been fitted as standard with a strong stainless steel spring eye, to produce a float that is 100% up to the job it has been designed for.

Strip image AK mini margin short

HB Top Tip – Best used with a simple bulk of shot and with most of, if not all the tip showing. Big carp are not fussy and you want to know that when the float goes under it is an actual bite and not a liner. This enables the user to avoid bumping or foul hooking fish which could spook other fish in the swim.

Final Thoughts

If you fish shallow margins and are sick of trying to rebuild floats that are simply not fit for the job, then the AK MINI MARGIN SHORT from HILLBILLY FLOATS is definitely the solution to the problem. Even in the shallowest of waters these 85mm long floats are ideal offering stable presentation and excellent visibility even when fishing long to an island margin. They are available in two sizes with red or yellow tips direct from HILLBILLY FLOATS for £2.20 each which is excellent value for money based on performance and all round build quality. In the opinion of the UKMA team, this is a must have float for all serious match anglers.

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