Hillbilly Floats Diamonds

Sun 03 May 15


If you go on-line, you will find literally dozens of pole float makers that offer classic float patterns a cheap prices. Although on paper, it looks like you’re getting a bargain, not all but many of these ranges of floats fall short of the mark, based on poor build quality and performance.The UKMA team follow one simple rule, when buying an tackle of the internet and that is “you can’t buy a real Ferrari for a tenner”. By this we mean, just because it’s cheap, this doesn’t always mean you are getting a bargain!

So we highly recommend the next time you are looking for top quality hand crafted pole floats, always buy from a recognised company, with a proven track record. At least then you have peace of mind that you have invested your money wisely. That aside, the UKMA team have recently been sent some samples of the new for 2015, Hillbilly Floats Diamonds, read on as we take a good look at these latest offerings from the Staffordshire based pole float maker.

Hillbilly Floats Diamonds

Vital Statistics

The Diamond shape body is widely acclaimed as being arguably one of the best open water, on the deck float patterns ever made for still water fishing, with many of the countries top commercial fishery anglers shouting there praises. These latest versions from Hillbilly Floats has been Produced in response to huge customer demand for a Diamond body shaped bottom float This new design features a hand crafted body that is machined from the super strong Tech3 foam. The float is built on a long 1mm diameter, flexible glass stem which is designed to adds stability and aids shipping out without tangles when fishing “long”.

The float is fitted with a 2mm diameter hollow Hi Viz tip which offers easy visibillity, even in bad light at 16m. The Diamonds are finished off with an extra strong stainless steel side eye, that is securely fitted and glued 15mm deep into the floats body (and they don’t come out, the UKMA team know because we couldn’t pull them out of the body, even with a pair of pliers!).

Note – There is also the option of an extra side eye which can be fitted at no extra cost to the corner of the body if required, as pictured below>

Hillbilly Diamonds with corner eye fitted

Final Thoughts

After trying to pull the side eyes out with pliers and bending the float into a full circle, all the UKMA team can say is wow! These latest editions to the Hillbilly Float range are virtually bomb proof! The components used in manufacturing and the floats superb finish make them really stand out from the crowd. After using them in a match fishing situation, even after pulling 10lbs plus carp away from lilly pads and giving the floats some serious punishment, they show no signs of wear and tare. The Hillbilly Floats Diamonds are available in six sizes – 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1g and 1.5g with a choice of red or yellow tips and they sell for £2-20 each.


Visit the Website: http://www.hillbillyfloats.co.uk/