Drennan XL Pellet Wagglers

Tue 02 June 15


With the summer months nearly upon us, this is the time of year when the pellet waggler well and truly comes into its own. When the pressure is high and the sun is blisteringly hot, catching big weights shallow on the pellet waggler can be a match winning formula that you simply can’t ignore. With numerous companies now offering all kinds of pellet wagglers, find a range that is right for you can be a daunting task, so to make life a little bit easier for you, the UKMA team have recently reviewed the XL Pellet Wagglers from Oxforshire based Drennan, read on to find out how they performed whilst out on the bank.

Drennan XL Pellet Wagglers

Vital Statistics

These well designed pellet wag­gler incorporating Drennan’s very own, tried and tested Crystal technology. These Xl pellets wagglers are ideally suited for situations when fishing at distance and they have proven to be particularly effective for combating both wind and surface skim on large open-water venues that are particularly prone to wind issues.

These clear-bodied wag­glers also feature flighted tips to aid casting accuracy and come with removable discs, which help to make a fish-attracting noise and reduce the depth they dive on impact. The amount of buoyancy and tip showing can be easily adjusted by adding and removing the loaded discs. Also supplied as standard with each XL Pellet Waggler, you get two remov­able ‘dive discs’ to reduce plunging too deep on impact

The XL Pellet Wagglers have a transparent bodies, this ensures that they’re less conspicuous to wary fish. These floats have a solid and strong construction and are ideally suited to extremely exposed, open venues that are prone to surface skim, offering superb stability at range, even in the strongest cross winds. The floats thick design makes them ideal for supporting big pellets up to 8mm but they can be used with other large baits including corn and meat.

Field Tested

On a very windy Monday morning, the UKMA team headed off to Kingsland Reservoir in Cambridgeshire to put the XL Pellet Wagglers through there paces. With the wind blowing from our left to right and with 40 MPH gusts ripping past us, accuracy and stability would hard to achieve to say the least. We set up our rod with 6lbs reel line and slid two Grippa Stops onto the line, attached a connection swivel and another two Grippa Stops.

We opted to use 4 grippa Stops (two above and two below) because the conditions were so poor, and with accuracy of casting being imperative, keeping the rig performing exactly how we wanted it too would only be achievable by making sure everything stayed in position. We opted to use a 14g XL Pellet Waggler, to achieve the 50 yards with minimal effort and to ensure the float stay as stable as possible.

We decided to keep all weight attached but added one of the clear plastic Dive Discs to the float to prevent it going too far under on the cast, then added a 15’‘ hooklength with a pellet band on the hair. After a feeding 6mm pellets for 5 minutes and recasting every 45 seconds, eventually, the fish switched on and a steady stream of fish came to the net.

Final Thoughts

After some proper scary battle with the big fish who reside in this very well stocked lake, the float remained in perfect working condition after taking some serious punishment. All fixtures and fitting on the float performed there duties well above par and at no point at all did I feel that these floats were not 100% fit for the purpose they’ve been designed for.
There are four sizes in the XL Pellet Waggler range, these are
8g, 10g, 12g and 14g. and each float will cost you £3.50 per float.


Visit the Website: http://drennantackle.com