DJK Floats & Tackle Margin Cone

Tue 30 June 15


One of the biggest issues when fishing down the edge when a lot of fish are present is distinguishing between line bites and positive takes. We’ve all foul hooked fish in the edge at one time or another and as many of you will be aware, a foul hooked fish can ruin a productive line, especially down the edge in shallow water. One float pattern that has caught the attention of the UKMA team that is ideally suited for these situations is the Margin Cone from DJK Floats & Tackle, read on as we put them under the spotlight.

DJK Margin Cone

Vital Statistics

The Margin Cone pattern has been developed to enable anglers to distinguish positive bites from line bites. These very stable hard foam bodied float feature a 2 mm hollow antenna that is extremely buoyant and a 1.2 mm glass stem, which make this float very strong and durable. To finish the float off, a plastic eye is fitted, which has proven to be far kinder to the line when under immense pressure.

DJK Margin Cone close up

Final Thoughts

These pear shaped floats offer exceptions buoyancy and stability in the shallowest of marginal water. Even when large numbers of fish were present in our swim, we were able to distinguish between line bites and positive bite accurately, leading to no potential swim killing foul hooked lumps. These very strong, well made margin floats are available in three sizes – 0.1 g, 0.2 g, 0.3 g & 0.4g and you can choose between red or yellow tips. You can buy these floats from all leading DJK retailers or direct for £2.00 per float.

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