DJK Floats & Tackle Big Bait

Thu 21 May 15


Catching big carp on big baits requires robust and reliable terminal gear. Get it wrong and you could end up spending more time changing rigs that you actually spend fishing. If this is your preferred style of fishing, either short in open water or down the edge tight to the bank, then you need floats that can handle some serious punishment. To aid you in your search for a quality float for this job, the UKMA team have had a good look at the Big Bait floats from Yorkshire based DJK Floats & Tackle, read on as we give them the once over.

DJK Big Bait floats

Vital Statistics

The Big Bait floats from DJK feature a shoulder up body for stability, with a glass stem, hollow antenna and spiral eye fitted directly above the body. This pattern of float is ideally suited for fishing with bigger baits, as the 2mm thick antenna can support extra weight when fishing just off or on the deck. It is as the name suggests a perfect float for bagging as they’re as strong as an ox and can handle some serious punishment.

DJK Big Bait close up.

Final Thoughts

The Big Bait floats from DJK Floats & tackle are very well built and have all the characteristics of a float specifically designed for bagging situations. The’re available with either a yellow or red antenna (tip) and in the following sizes, 0.1g, 0.2g, 0.3g, 0.4g and 0.5g and they sell for £2.00 per float.


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