Dino Floats UK Bob

Thu 30 June 16


It’s supposed to be the time of year when fishing shallow is arguably on of the most productive methods of catch carp on commercial fisheries (we can all dream of sunny days). With this in mind, the UKMA team have been on the look out for a float pattern that is ideally suited to this style of match angling and we stumbled upon the Bob from Dino Floats UK, read on as we put this float pattern under the spotlight.

Vital Statistics

The Bob float has been designed specifically for shallow fishing, particularly when slapping your rig to attract fish is the order of the day. These rugby ball shaped floats feature a heavily glued in side eye, which helps prevent tangles when slapping the rig. To make the float instantly sit upright in the water, a thich-strong wire stem is fitted, this makes the float Self-cocking, meaning no additional weight required, enabling your hookbait to fall through the water column naturally.

Important Info -You will require a silicone tubing of 0.6 mm diameter for this pattern of float

Final Thoughts

These very well made floats offer the angler who likes to slap his rig to attract fish, a self cocking, buoyant pattern that is more than capable of handling the punishment that shallow fishing puts your rigs through.

Foot Note. The Bob pattern are available in two sizes; 0.1g and 0.2g with orange tips. They’re now available from all authorised Dino Floats UK stockists and they sell for £1.69 per float.


Visit the Website: http://www.thebestfloats.co.uk/