Dino Floats UK - Sedge

Wed 20 April 16


It’s that wonderful time of year when we spend most of our spare time preparing for the months of fish catching heaven by tying an arsenal of rigs. With the warmer months now creeping up on us, margin rigs are a must for all anglers who compete on commercial fisheries. As we all know, these rigs take some serious punishment, so the terminal tackle you use has to be well and truly up for the job in hand, especially your floats. One float pattern that has recently caught the UKMA teams attention is the Sedge from Dino Floats UK, read on as we take a look at what they have to offer you the match angler.

Dino Floats UK - Sedge

Vital Statistics

These sturdy floats have been specifically designed for out and out margin fishing, which is clear to see, when you look at what components are used in the manufacturing process. They feature a rugby ball shaped body and feature a 2 mm hollow tip, which makes this pattern ideally suited to presenting large baits including corn, meat and big pellets. The solid wire stem offers exceptional stability and for assured structure, this is heavily glued into the floats dense body. To finish off the float, you have a spring style glued onto hollow tip, where the body and tip merge.

Sedge close up

Foot Note – These very strong and well balanced floats are available in 0.1g, 0.2g, 0.3g & 0.4g sizes with a choice of either red or yellow tips. They sell for the very reasonable price of £1.69 per float and are available from all Dino Floats stockist or direct from the Dino Floats website.


Visit the Website: http://www.thebestfloats.co.uk/