Dino Floats UK - F1

Tue 16 June 15


F1’s have become one of the target species on many of the best commercial fisheries in the country. these hard little fish feed all year round, producing bites when nothing else will feed. To target this species, you require a float pattern that is durable whilst also offering sensitivity to register the delicate bites from these cautious feeding aquatic pigs. One pattern that has caught the attention of the UKMA team are the F1, from rising stars of the mass produced float market Dino Floats, read on as we put them under the microscope.

Dino Floats F1

Vital Statistics

The F1 float was originally released in the later part of 2014 and as the name states, they’re an out and out float pattern specifically designed for the F1 fishing in all weathers. they’re ideally suited to the majority of presentations including when fishing shallow with maggott, casters, etc. They’re constructed utilising a carbon stem (65mm long) that passes right through the body into the 1.5mm diameter hollow tip which is 12mm long. They also feature a non abrasive plastic eye that is fitted at the bottom of the tip, just touching the floats body.

Dino Floats F1 Close up

Final Thoughts

These well made and very strong F1 floats are available and in the following sizes; 0.05g, 0.1g & 0.2g, with a choice of either red or yellow tips. Each float will cost you £1.69, which based on many other massed produced floats currently available is great value for money.


Visit the Website: http://www.thebestfloats.co.uk/