Dave Harrell Angling No.4 Bolo

Thu 01 December 16


With the increased numbers of anglers returning to natural venues, thus the demand for top quality floats designed for running water increases. When looking for a good quality river float for running line situations, you can’t do much better than looking at the range of floats designed and used by one of the country’s top river anglers. Dave Harrell. One of the latest additions to his range that have been receiving a lot of publicity on social media at the moment are the No.4 Bolo’s. So the UKMA team contacted Dave who was more than happy to send over some samples for us to have a good look at.

Dave Harrell Angling No.4 Bolo.

Vital Statistics

For many years, the majority of anglers have regarded bolo fishing as a method best suited to deep water situations, whilst using floats of 3g and above. However, the No.4 Bolo from the DHA range re-rights the script, as this pattern is specifically designed for use in depths from 5ft to 12ft. This latest addition to the DHA range is ideally suited for the majority of situations where a bulk shot and single dropper is the way forward, in preference to a strung out shotting pattern. Built with a high viz 2m thick tip, a single side eye on the shoulder of the floats body, with a long strong carbon stem, these floats are definitely built to last.

Top Tip – The No.4 Bolo, although specifically designed for running line tactics, can also be used on rivers in conjunction with a long elasticated whip, a style that’s becoming very popular on a lot of rivers where species like dace, roach and perch are the targets.

 Dave Harrell Angling No.4 Bolo

Final Thoughts

If big, deep rivers are you target and you are on the lookout for a float pattern that will offer you versatility, top build quality and most importantly excellent presentation, then the No.4 Bolo from Dave Harrell Angling is definitely one you should seriously consider adding to you river float selection. They’re available in 1g, 1.5g, 2g, 2.5g, 3g, & 4g size options and you can choose between either a yellow or orange tip. They’re now available from all Dave Harrell Angling stockiest or direct from the DHA website, and you should expect to pay around £!.95 per float.


Visit the Website: http://www.daveharrellangling.com/