Ashley Francis Handtied Pole Rigs

Fri 09 May 14


The UKMA previously sent over s selection of terminal tackle to find out how good the quality of product and service was from ASHLEY FRANCIS HAND TIED HOOKS & RIGS, and we were more than satisfied with the excellence of hooklengths received back. So we decided to take the plunge and sent over a selection of rig making materials and pole floats to see what you as anglers can expect back if you get this Middlesborough based tackle craftsman to build your rigs for you. So after a 4 week wait, the UKMA team received back 80 rigs for us to have a look at. Read on to find out if Ashley’s hand tied rigs are on a par with is excellent hooklengths..

Rig 1

How To Order Your Pole Rigs

After a lengthy chat with Ashley, he explained exactly what information he required to build the rigs to our specifications. What you need to do is clearly list the float patterns, the weight of each float, the line diameter or breaking strain, how you want the float shotting (shot, stotz or olivettes). Then select the hook size for each rig if being tied straight through but if you use hooklengths for all your rigs, let Ashley know so he can ensure that a connection loop is incorporated into the rig build for ease of attachment. You should also inform him of the type of connector you use on your elastics. If you sue a Dacron connector, then a double connector loop attachment will be incorporated but if like ourselves you like to keep things old school and still use Stonfo connectors, then a single connector loop attachment is all you require.

Rig 2

Then ensure that you send enough terminal tackle including line, shot, olivettes, hooks (if required) and most importantly winders to house the rigs once built. If you ask Ashley nicely, he’ll even label each winder, so you know exactly what is on each one for ease of selection. Then write out your rig descriptions and make them easy to follow to save mistakes and time wasted, so you can receive your rigs in good time. When we sent our components up to Ashley, we used the Preston Innovation rig winder box, so we could have the floats already to go on the winders and we also added the rig information sheet inside each box to make Ashley’s life a little bit easier. Always ensure that all the components are well packaged to eliminate any chance of the Neanderthals who work at the post office causing any damage to them whilst in transit.

rig 3

The Finished Product

When it comes to pole rigs, the UKMA team are a fussy gits being tackle tarts of the highest order, so when we received our package back, we wanted to see rigs that featured balanced shotting of the floats with no damage to the line, secure and adequate lengths of rig tubing on each float to keep them in position whilst in use and well tied hooks as you would expect. So after selection one of each pattern and size of float we sent up, we checked them thoroughly with a magnifying glass to try and find fault in the build quality, and after checking over 20 different rigs tied by Ashley Francis, we were 100% happy with the finished products. The shot were all centralised, connector loops were all even, with a 7mm in length tags to ensure that the knot will not slip or undo whilst under tension or playing a fish and all hook knots were of the highest standard and well presented.

Rig 4

The UKMA team can highly recommend ASHLEY FRANCIS HAND TIED RIG service to all anglers who like to be prepared but simply don’t have the time to tie rigs in volume themselves. As with is hooklength service, his all round attention to details on the rigs is second to none and to be totally honest, at £1.00 per rig plus the components, this excellent service is the only way forward in our minds. The price per rig comes down dependant on the amount of rigs you want tying and the minimum carriage charge is £5.00 for recorded next day delivery but if you have a large amount of rigs to be returned, you will get an additional carriage charge to cover the cost. An excellent rig tying service, that the UKMA team will definitely be keeping very busy over the coming year.

NOTE – Ashley is very busy at the moment and the lead time on all orders at the moment is six weeks


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