Skee-Tex Ultralight Wellington Boots

Mon 26 October 15


Whilst having a nose around the annual Tackle & Gun show 2015, the UKMA team visited the Skee-Tex stand to see what new footwear they had to offer you the anglers over the winter months. Company director Roy Hart introduced to the excellent new Ultralight Wellingtons. Read on as we take a proper look at these very nice new footwear options.

Skee-Tex Ultralight Wellington Boots

Vital Statistics

These brand new wellies from Skee-Tex have been specifically designed for leisure and outdoor pursuits such as angling, walking etc. They’re manufactured from a 100% Water durable, closed-cell foam which makes them totally non-water-absorbing This revolutionary moisture-proof material also protect against cold and wetness, whilst also providing full isolation from mother natures worst including cold puddles and frozen ground. For additional warmth, the Ultralight Wellington Boots also have a removable lining with a stiffened insole in the form of a sock. This allows the lining to be easily removed and washed, so you can keep the linings in pristine condition at all times


- Rot resistant: Seawater, oil, acid and alkali durable; antibacterial, safe, odorless and non-polluting.

- Shockproof: Good flexibility and anti-hardening; excellent shockproof and cushion capability.

- Heat preservation:

- Excellent heat insulation, anti-cold, non-frosting and insulation enduring capabilities.

- Sound insulation: Closed-cell foam, good sound insulation capability.

Key Feature

The Ultralight Wellington Boots feature a very deep, non slip tread, which will come in very hand when fishing on wet muddy or frozen banks.

Final Thoughts

Over the past three weeks, the UKMA team have been using these new Wellington’s in all conditions and they’ve kept our feet warm and dry at all times. Add to this the fact that they’re incredibly light weight and you get arguably one of the most comfortable pairs of all weather boots we have ever used or seen. The Ultralight Wellington Boots are now available from all Skee-Tex stockists and should expect to pay £34.95 for a pair.


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