Prologic Quick Release Connectors

Sun 05 January 14


Over the past 15 years one product has dominated the market in it’s category by a monkey mile, and that is the Quick Release Connector. Originally designed by Rutland based engineer, Nick Palmer, PROLOGIC soon spotted the products potentials and took on soul distribution of this excellent product, and haven’t looked back since. With literally thousands being sold all over Europe every year, this is truly one of the most successful attachment accessories of al time. Like all great products it has been copied by numerous “Fred’s in Sheds” over the years but these sub standard, Asian produced copies are manufactured from low grade materials and simply don’t pass the test of time. The simple guide to buying a Quick Release Connector is “If it doesn’t say PROLOGIC on the packaging then it’s not an authentic Quick Release Connector” it’s that simple.

Prologic Quick Release Connectors 1

No matter what style of angling you’re into, you can find a practical use for these easy to use and exceptionally well machined pieces of engineering. Back in my match fishing days I used them to connect my keepnets, pole socks, rod rests etc I even used one to connect my landing net to the handle I had that much confidence in there all round strength and reliability. In a match fishing situations the Quick Release Connectors proved to save me valuable time when setting up meaning I could spend my time getting the rigs and bait right, which as any match angler knows is critical. As my angling evolved from match to specialist, so did the uses for the Quick Release Connectors. I now use them for everything from connecting my alarms and butt rests to buzz bars to connecting storm poles to my brolly shelter, a truly universal connector.
Using the Quick Release Connectors is a simple task.

The connectors are of a two piece construction; a small piece that screws onto the 3/8” BSF thread of your keepnet, landing net head, rod rest, alarm, etc and a main body section which screws on to a bankstick, buzzer bar or box leg attachment. To connect or disconnect the two parts, it is a simple job of sliding the spring loaded collar down on the main body and pressing or pulling the smaller piece in or out of the location hole and releasing the collar. On the smaller piece that attaches to the piece of equipment, two flattened areas are present so you can use a spanner or a pair of pliers to tighten it up fully (or to remove if left on for a long period of time). On the main body, flattened areas are also present directly above the threaded section so you can be sure that when tightened up, they are not going to come loose easily.

Prologic Quick Release Connectors 2

Final Thoughts

After nearly 15 years of using the Prologic Quick Release Connector for one task or another it has truly passed the test of time. Its many uses make it a totally unique connector that has been imitated but never bettered. They are available in small, medium & large. Obviously if you shop around on line you’ll find some good deals but if you are buying the genuine article you should expect to pay around £9.99 for the small & medium options and £11.99 for the large. It truly makes a refreshing change to find a piece of angling equipment that hasn’t change in nearly 15 years. I suppose if something was that good in the first place, you shouldn’t have to change it. The Quick Release Connectors are used by all of the team at UKMA for one purpose or another and none of the team can think of any reason why they should not be part of all anglers equipment.


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