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Mon 24 March 14


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Field Tested

With spring just around the corner and temperatures on the rise, the stocks of carp to be found in the commercial fisheries are starting to wake up and get on the much. So after months of gentle taps of the tip resulting in bites when fishing a straight lead, feeder or method, we are now experiencing the gentle 5 foot wrap rounds again! Now as we all know, unless you are holding your rod and have it on a reliable rod rest, these ferocious takes can lead to your rod being pulled straight of the rest and in the worst case scenarios, you could see your rod and reel being towed into the lake and gliding at pace and into the distance (we’ve all been there). To eliminate this very costly experience, Shropshire based tackle giants PRESTON INNOVATIONS have come up trumps with in the opinion of the UKMA team, the perfect rod rest for this style of aggressive feeder work, introducing the METHOD FEEDER REST.

Method Feeder Rest key features

Vital Statistics

This well thought out rod rest measures in at 360mm wide and features a soft to the touch, neoprene style, thick padding. This fully encapsulates the internal metal frame, protecting your rod and guides from damage when you get an unexpected violent take. The METHOD FEEDER REST offers you the angler incredible flexibility when positioning your rod after casting, thus allowing the rod to move freely along the rest as the bite develops, fully protected and unrestricted. At one of the rest is a curved retainer that has been included to prevent the rod being pulled straight off the rest during at take and totally protect the blank and guides from damage on impacting the rest. The METHOD FEEDER REST has a brass thread attachment with an adjustable locking nut fitted as standard for a secure and solid fit, which is essential for this style of fishing and easily achievable with a little bit of a play around.

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After several sessions out on the bank using the METHOD FEEDER REST over the mild winter months, the team at UKMA were very pleased with the all round performance of this fully functional rod rest. Even when we experienced proper rap rounds at no point did we feel that our rods were in danger of damage or that there was any chance of loosing the rod when distracted and not looking at the rod tip during a take (school boy error). To get the best performance out of the METHOD FEEDER REST we attached the to either a PRESTON cross arm for commercial fishery and still water work or a feeder arm for running water where the tip needs to be up in the air.

Take note, when using a feeder arm you will need a fixed or adjustable angle lock to position the rest to an angled position to ensure you get the best all round performance.
Now unlike many of our reviews, we actually went out a brought one of these on recommendation and we were not disappointed by its build quality and reliable performance, and at just £9.99, this is one of those accessories that has already established a place in my carryall,


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