Preston Innovations Mega Side Tray Tested

Mon 10 March 14


One of the leading brands in box accessories has to be Shropshire based Preston Innovations. They’ve made universal accessories and side trays for many years now and you can’t go to a match in the UK and not see an angler using at least one of their products. THE UKMA team have been using many of the OFF BOX accessories for many years and they have all performed the duties that they have been designed for perfectly. One of these many accessories that we carry with us at all times is the versatile Mega Side Tray, after using it for well over 3 years, we can now offer a comprehensive Field test report on it suitability and all round durability whilst being used in an angling environment.

Mega Side Tray on the bank!

Vital Statistics

If you need plenty of space to keep all your bait and tackle items at hand then the MEGA SIDE tray has you covered. It comes to you with three OFF BOX leg attachments with two fitting on the internal square alloy bar and the third on the external square alloy bar. This produces a side tray with double knuckle box attachments for total stability and a single external knuckle to house the supplied external telescopic, that once fitted, makes the Mega Side Tray totally stable. The actual tray measures in at 600mm x 400mm total surface area, which offers the user ample space for a several bait tubs, as well as accessory tackle. It comes supplied as standard with a full range of Off Box inserts making it possible to fit it to the majority of seat boxes currently available.

Mega Side Tray strip image

Final Thoughts

After using the Mega Side Tray for some years now, the UKMA team have made it a box accessory that is used whenever we go match fishing. The double knuckle box attachment system is fully adjustable so you can move the tray forwards or backwards to locate in the ideal position for your angling needs. The inclusion of the external leg for added stability also serves another useful purpose by giving you a place to attach rig roosts etc, keeping even more essential equipment at hand. This mat black Mega Side Tray is very easy to keep clean as well, a quick wipe over with a wet towel after each session will keep it in perfect condition (tackle tarts take note).

One very useful tip is to give all nuts and bolts on the external leg and the OFF BOX attachments a wipe and spray with WD40 once month. This prevents unnecessary corrosion and keeps everything in perfect working order. All in all, the Mega Side Tray is a very sturdy and hard wearing box accessory that is worth every penny of the £39.99 full RRP it carries and in our opinion, you’ll find it vary hard to find a side tray of this size and function that will perform its duties and pass the test of time as well as the Mega Side Tray has for us over the past few years.


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