Preston Innovations Absolute Station Black Edition

Tue 16 February 16


With the prices of good quality seatboxes going through the roof, In many cases costing nearlu as much as the car or van we transport them around in. When buying we all look for top quality fixtures, fittings and most importantly performance. With this in mind, one of the UKMA team member recently brought himself a Preston Innovations Absolute Station Black Edition and he has done nothing but shout it’s praises ever since, read on as we talk you through the key features that make this box worthy of a review.

Preston Innovations Absolute Station Black Edition

Vital Statistics

This all black version of the critically acclaimed Absolute station carries all the key features of it’s older brother, with some very clever modifications thrown in for good measure. Starting with the frame, it has been built from a new lighter aluminium to reduce the overall weight, whilst retaining superb strength and durability. The frame has a fully powder coated, mat black finish which gives this box it’s minimal yet stylish appearance.

Minimal mat black finish

To support the frame you have six 30mm round fully adjustable legs. All legs are fully telescopic but now feature Preston’s very clever captive leg system, which prevents the internal extension falling out if you have forgotten to tighten the retaining bolt up when packing away (very clever). On the base of the legs, you have large mud feet that fully pivot to enable the feet to sit and grip on even the worst of bankside environments.

Starting from the seat, the box now boasts a redesigned carbon-friendly pole retaining strap, which enables you to fish the long pole in conjunction with a bump bar, leaving your hands free for feeding and other tasks. The wipe clean black material encapsulates the robust internal foam cushion, that is comfortable, whilst also being very firm. Under the seat you have preformed storage for 1 long and 2 small Preston hooklength boxes and these are supplied as standard.

The box comes supplied as standard with a 26mm tray, loaded with 26cm orange winders, a second 26cm tray with 18cm draw dividers fitted with 30 orange 18cm winders supplied. to complete the boxes module or stack unit you get a 40mm deep side draw unit with built in patricians to keep al your accessories organised and secure whilst in transit. The final component is the hidden front draw unit. This features magnetic rear locks and for piece of mind, there is also a retaining pin that slides through the draw and holds it securely into its frame.


Other key features found on the Absolute Station black include an improved detachable fully adjustable shoulder strap that simply attaches to the frame via 4 Carabiners, making it simple to remove if you don’t need it. Another nice touch is the inclusion of threaded inserts fitted to the top of two legs. These enable you to attach pole socks, or rod rests without the need for additional attachment arms. And finally, there is a spirit level attached the lower frame, so you can get your station as close to level as possible when fishing on uneven banks.

Field Tested

Whilst using the box over several session, numerous features incorporated into the design, made the usage experience one to take note of. The fully removable footplate enables you to save space in the car whilst in transit, plus it means you can totally remove it to give a clean with a the power wash, without soaking the entire box.

The simply to use under seat stack storage is rock solid and secure. This has been achieved by incorporating a sliding track that attached to the base of any draw or tray, which slides onto the retaining tracks on either side of the box. Once fully pushed into position, and the two retaining bolts have been tightened up the stack stays perfectly in position whilst in transit.

The legs are securely held in position via the large and very strong injection moulded leg attachments, that are fitted with anti snag thumb wheels that run parallel with the boxes frame to prevent tripping whilst on small platforms or narrow swims. To adjust the height of the legs when levelling the box, you have a small thumb wheeled threaded bolt that when undone releases the leg and once you have it at the desired height, simply tighten it up for a secure adjustment.



Final Thoughts

After using numerous top of the range seatboxes over the past decade, the UKMA team can not to date find any fault in the Absolute Station Black Edition. It performs as well as it’s older brother, whilst offering numerous new features,, that makes this box really stand out from others of a similar price that we have used and reviewed. The removable footplate, threaded inserts n two f the legs and superb captive internal telescopic legs really add some class to what was already a classic design.

All in all the Absolute Station Black Edition has everything the modern match angler could possibly need with a few unexpected additions that make it a very well thought out product. If we had to find any fault in this box then the only thing we didn’t like was that the leg adjustment bolts do not have anti-mark pads on the end of the thread but this doesn’t affect the performance, it just means that you get a few circular marks on the legs internal extension which all tackle tarts like ourselves find annoying.

All the storage options make the organisation of your terminal gear a very tidy affair, making it possible to locate what you need instantly, whilst keeping everything in it’s place at all times. All catches are rock solid and even though they can be a bit stiff to start with, once you’ve used them a few time they become easier to use without becoming lose. Another really nice touch is that Preston have added guides on the top of each draw and tray to prevent wobble and these tiny improvements have virtually eliminated any wobble or movement once secured and locked.

Foot Note – Absolute Station Black Edition is available from all leading Preston innovations stockists and it carries a full RRP of £699.99 but if you shop around on line there are some great deals to be found



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