Guru Reaper Specialist Feeder Rest

Thu 30 July 15


Field Tested

We’ve always said that “it’s the basic things that make fishing easy”. By this we mean that no matter how much you spend on gear, the basic accessories are the things that make your fishing easier and more efficient. With this in mind, we followed the hype around the new Reaper Specialist Feeder Rest from Essex based Guru on social media and anticipated this new products arrival at the UKMA HQ. Since it’s arrival, we’ve been using this new concept in rod rests ever since. Here’s what you get for your money and how it has performed whilst out on the bank.

Guru Reaper Specialist Rest

Vital Statistics

This two component rod rest system offers a unique rod rest system that is ideal for the majority of feeder, straight lead and float fishing situations. The front rest features 11 different positions to get the perfect angle when feeder fishing with adjustable snag arms to prevent the rod being moved on the take when aggressive takes are on the cards, particularly when method feeder fishing. Specially designed runners on the front rest slots ensure the main line isn’t trapped against the blank, and the rod-friendly finish both grips the blank and ensures that it won’t get damaged or scratched.

Guru Reaper front rest
Front Rest graphics

The rear rest features a “splayed arm design” that enables you to securely locate your rod butt, whilst making the locking of your rod butt very easy. all you have to do is push the rod butt down to lock the arms. The soft, over-moulded finish ensures a solid grip even when it is chucking it down and the butt of your rod is soaking wet. The Rear Rest can also be used a a front rest as it has been designed with a centrally located line runner, to allow them to be used as a front rest.

Guru Reaper Rear Rest
Rear Rest Graphics

The Field Test

Over the past tree weeks, the UKMA team have been using the Reaper Specialist Feeder Rest for all of our feeder, straight lead and pellet waggler work on both natural and commercial fisheries. Both the front and rear feature a brass threaded bolt that attaches securely onto all standard bank sticks and feeder arms. When using a feeder arm, you can adjust the double ended arms at either end to the correct angle to ensure that the rest totally prevents the rod being ripped of during an aggressive take.

Final Thoughts

After using the Reaper Specialist Feeder Rest for a few weeks, the UKMA team have been more than pleased with the versatility and all round performance that both the rear and front rests have to offer. I know it’s hard to get excited about a rod rest but both of these latest offerings from Guru really do perform superbly.

The Front and Rear Reaper Specialist Feeder Rests are more than suitable for all types of feeder,bomb and float fishing where aggressive takes are the order of the day. Both the front and rear rests are finished in Guru’s signature black and orange colours and you should expect to pay £11.99 for the front Reaper and £5.99 for the rear Reaper.


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