Guru Reaper Pole Section Retainer

Mon 12 December 16


With Christmas just around the corner, here’s a product that is hitting the shops this week, that will make a nice stocking filler for all you pole anglers who like to have your section close at hand at all times. Essex based Guru have had their design team working on potential improvements that could make the already available double pole sock more functional (how is that possible? we here you cry) . So when our sample arrive for review , we were intrigued to see what the new for 2016 Reaper Pole Section Retainer had to offer you the angler and we also wanted to know, would it stand out against other products in this competitive category, here’s how it got on.

.Guru Reaper Pole Section Retainer

Vital Statistics

The Reaper Pole Section Retainer measure in at approximately 200mm wide x 110mm in height. The two sock compartments feature have an internal measurement of 60mm wide x 80 mm in height and both of the thick, durable black meshed socks have a depth of 150mm. These dimensions enable you to store anything from a No. section right through to the 16m butt section securely. To increase the protection to your section, the frame supporting the socks is fully padded with EVA foam, so there is virtually no chance of damage whist your sections are being stored ready for use.

Guru Reaper Pole Section Retainer loaded

Key Feature

What the design team at Guru have done to make the Reaper Pole Section Retainer really stand out from the crowd is very clever to say the least. Located between the two main socks, you have a middle “tulip” type flexing grip. This is formed by utilising the dividing internal walls of the two socks to create a secure housing that can more than comfortably house your No. 3, .4 and 5 pole sections.

Note – The Reaper Pole Section Retainer features a standard screw thread attachment, making it universal with all box attachments currently available.

Final Thoughts

Many anglers on social media are saying you can’t re-invent the wheel but you can definitely make it perform better by improving its performance and that is exactly what Guru have done with this product..The inclusion of the Tulip between the two socks is brilliant in its simplicity, and let’s face it, some of the simplest ideas in fishing have proven to be the most practical over the years and in the opinion of the UKMA team, this product fits into that category. A very clever adaption of a product that already exists, whilst making it perform better, who can ask for more!!

Guru Reaper Pole Section Retainer on side tray

Foot Note – The Reaper Pole Section Retainer will be hitting the shops around December the 16th- (2016) and you will have to pay £12.99 to get your hands on one but it will be money well spent.


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