Frenzee Rod Rest Feeder Arm

Sat 20 December 14


If the tip in winter is one of your preferred methods, then you’ll know the importance of making your rod a stable and still as possible. By insuring that your rod is totally stable, you eliminate any vibration from your knee or the elements travelling down your reel line and spooking any cautious fish in the close vicinity of your feeder or lead. Arguably the best way of stabilising your rod is by using a solid feeder rest or arm. One that has caught the attention of the UKMA team is the new Rod Rest and Feeder Arm from Frenzee. Read on as we take one out on the bank to put it through its paces in an angling environment.

Frenzee Rod Rest Feeder Arm

Vital Statistics

The New Rod Rest Feeder Arm from Frenzee an arced design support arm that offers you the angler multiple rod angle positioning for efficient angling. This arm perfectly supports the soft rubber rest attachment, which secures the rod in place and the angled teeth create a secure safe environment for your rod to rest on, perfectly positioned for assured bite indication. The arm attaches to all threaded box attachments and bank sticks, via the fully adjustable and very secure adjuster connection block.

Fully adjustable, threaded connection block

Field Tested

We took the Rod Rest Feeder Arm out on the bank to test how stable it was when dealing with the aggressive takes produced by good stamp carp, tench and bream. To attach the arm to the box, we used a standard short keepnet arm, which produced a rock solid arm with zero movement. By loosening the bolt on the keepnet arm we were able to perfectly position the arm to allow the rod to sit in exactly the right position to allow perfect bite indication and recognition.

After several viscous takes by fish from 4lbs up to mid double figures, at no time did the Rod Rest Feeder Arm move or slip, even when the bites were incredibly violent. After 5 hours n the bank and after landing a dozen or so good fish. The Frenzee Rod Rest Feeder Arm proved to be a very strong, versatile and stable rod support, that does exactly what it was designed for, perfectly.

Final Thoughts

For just £17.99, you get a rock solid rod rest Feeder Arm that will also come in very handy to those of you who also fish the pellet waggler, bagging waggler or any method with running line where you are expecting aggressive takes. It fits perfectly into a large carryall, or your outer pocket of your rod holdall, making it very easy to transport. All in all the Frenzee Rod Rest Feeder Arm performs the task it has been designed to do without breaking the bank!


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