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Tue 14 January 14


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Pole rollers have seen some changes over the past 15 years, in fact to say that they have come on leaps and bounds would be one of the understatements of the century. With many leading manufacturers now striving to produce the perfect roller, this has meant that there are dozens of rollers that are designed to offer enough support and stability to your pole even in the strongest winds. How ever, some of these have been on the heavy side and although very good, soon lost favour amongst the match anglers who carry everything including the kitchen sink when they head out on the bank. The latest generation of pole rollers have made efforts to reduce the weight of the roller, without loosing the all round strength, stability and support, whilst still being light enough to carry around which are the essential factors of any good pole roller. This has lead to some quite unique gadgets hitting the shops over the past couple of years and one of the latest offering that has caught the eye of the UKMA team is the PRECISION FXT ROLLER from the team at FRENZEE, Read on to find out what it has to offer you, as a pole angler.

Frenzee Precision FXT Roller 2

Vital Statistics

The first pole roller offering from FRENZE has really had some thought put into it. This feature packed pole roller has been designed with loads of added extras that have all been incorporated to serve an essential purpose. The lightweight top black aluminium frame measures in at 735mm wide. This supports two x 300mm long neoprene rollers and the three, fold flat neoprene upright rollers, the end two measure110mm high and the centre upright measures 145mm in height. These three uprights feature pole saver lips at the top and are held in place with a spring loaded lock/release mechanism, which enables you to pack them flat when not in use. The four aluminium triple extending support legs are finished with a black matt coating and features a durable plastic ground point. Each leg has two locking adjusters fitted, these enable you to extend and adjust each leg to create a stable platform to place you pole on. Each leg measure 585mm long, from the top to point tip, with the lowest lock release, and then extended and locked, each leg measures 875mm long. With the second lock release, the leg will then extend to there optimum length, which is a very impressive 1.275m long.

Frenzee Precision FXT Roller 3 - strip 1

Key Feature

The PRECISION FXT ROLLER has one massive stands out from the crowd feature, which as far as the team at UKMA know is totally unique to all other pole roller currently on the market, being supplied with a V Roller, centre located, extension that has 295mm long, neoprene arms with pole saver lips . The V Roller screws into the Octagonal bar (supplied) and fits securely into the centre upright, all you have to do is crew the brass thread on the V Roller into the bar and push the bar in the Octagonal housing found on the top of the centre upright. This is held securely in place by an internal cam lock that is built into the centre upright. This attachment enables the roller to reach heights other rollers can’t and is a must for anglers shipping high to avoid structure like high banks, dense bushed and if you fish canals, the dreaded brick walls. As a bonus the V Roller can be used independently from the flat roller by simply screwing it into a bank stick, meaning you can use it as a second roll when fishing a margin pole if needed.

Frenzee Precision FXT Roller 4 - strip 2


On a very wet winter’s day, the UKMA team headed out to a local water to put the PRECISION FXT ROLLER through its paces whilst testing a 16m pole. First thing we found was how simple it was to set up. It comes supplied is well padded case with carry strap and handles for transporting and Velcro retainers for the main roller and the additional V roller and Octagonal bar have separate storage pockets. Once removed from the case simply hold two of the legs, then with the end of the roller resting on your stomach, simply pull the legs towards you and the legs lock into position. Then to locate the three uprights, simply lift up; rotate until in an upright position and push down, it’s that simply! Once assembled, you can precisely adjust the height of all four legs to establish a solid, level pole shipping platform. Once this has been achieved, simply hold each leg at the base and push the fitted point into the ground for increased stability. With the V Roller fitted and the legs full extended, this gives your pole a massive ground clearance of 1.45m when located in the V Roller.

TOP TIP – When using the PRECISION FXT ROLLER in windy conditions, you have an attachment hook mounted on the underside of the frame to hang a bucket off. Alternatively you can use a 1m bungee and two bivvy or tent pegs to make the Roller rock solid when the wind is blowing really hard!

Frenzee Precision FXT Roller - Top Tip

Final Thoughts

The team at UKMA have now used the PRECISION FXT ROLLER several times and have yet to find any issues with it. The locking systems on the legs are precise and very secure, making all height adjustments rock solid. The two flat rollers are silky smooth and the three upright with the pole saver lips keep your pole in place at all times. I forgot to mention that at the top of the V Roller arms you have a retaining cord permanently attached to the ends to prevent the pole being thrown out by strong winds when using the Roller full extended. This well made pole roller has enough features to cover the requirements of all pole anglers no matter what type of venue or environment you may fish. Light weigh, stable and functional, what more can you ask for!

The PRECISION FXT ROLLER is now available from all leading FRENZEE stockist for the very reasonable price of £84.99 and is definitely worth have a serious look at if you’re in the market for a top quality pole roller.


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