Frenzee FXT HGV Trolly

Mon 11 January 16


The amount of equipment required to compete in commercial fishery events these days is unbelievable. multiple made up rods, poles, spare top kits, 3 – 5 keepnets, sidetrays, bait, the list goes on. All can easily be transported in an estate car or small van but once you reach the fishery, you have to get it all to your peg. With the old school platform barrows not being stable enough to carry these big loads, barrows or trolly’s have now evolved, specifically designed to accommodate and transport the aforementioned gear without killing you in the process. The latest option in this category, that has got tongues wagging is the FXT HGV Trolly from rising stars of the match angling world, read on as we talk you through what this has to offer you the match angler.

Frenzee FXT HGV Trolly

Vital Statistics

This new trolly system for 2016 is arguably the largest trolly currently available to the match angler. Starting from the ground up, it features four wheels with puncture proof tyres that measure in at 300mm diameter x 65mm in width and they feature super smooth two baring rims. These are attached to the base of the barrow via 25mm box section, that simply inserts into the four retaining blocks fitted on the internal face of the side bars.

Wheels mounted on the base of the HGV

The Steel frame base unit measures in at 895mm in length x 425mm in width, with five steel cross bars, all fitted with a protective bright orange rubber protector plates. These are attached to the top face of the bars via for evenly space heavy duty rivets. The rubber strips prevent your luggage and seatbox from sliding around, whilst also protecting the trolly from wear and tare.

Key Feature – The cross bar at the front of the base plate has been raised to enable rod bags to be stored on the lower level, without any risk of it getting trapped on uneven ground. This enables your rod bag to sit approximately 500mm clear off the ground, giving you enough front clearance to enable the barrow to travel across even the most uneven of bank side environments you are likely to encounter.

raised front cross bar lifts the rod bag clear of the ground

The two side panels are fitted to the base plate via three box sections mounted on the top face of the base. Simply loosen the threaded retaining bolts of and insert into the box section. Once pushed into place, then simply tighten the bolts with branded thumb wheels fitted and the sides are now fitted. To make the trolly totally stable before loading, simply insert the assembled handles, with the zip load wheel pouch and carry bag already fitted. This attached to the two box sections mounted on the rear uprights of the side panels.

Trolly fully assembled and ready to load

How to load the FXT HGV

Once fully assembled and all the threaded bolts have been fully tightened, place your rod holdall between the two side panels. Then starting from the handle end of the top of the trolly, place your seatbox on the orange rubber protector plates, then add your carryall and other luggage as required.

Key Feature No.2

If you find that the barrow as standard doesn’t offer enough storage space on top, this is n’t an issue. You can extend the top front of the side panels. Simply undo the htreaded bolt on the underside of the top frame and you can extend the top layer storage from 895mm to 1170mm, giving you that bit extra, when larger quantities of tackle are required.

Top frame extended when additional space is required

First Impressions

After taking the FXT HGV Trolly out on the bank, we loaded it to it;s capacity, with just over 100kg of gear and bait to see how stable it was and how well it would move on saturated ground. on flat hard ground it was as easy to push as a babies pram, gliding along with no effort at all. Once we got onto the soaking wet soft clay bank, the HGV still run smoothly but it needed a bit more effort but was easily manageable, even though the bank sloped from left to right, the trolly and it’s sizeable load stayed perfectly stable.

The FXT HGV Trolly loaded to capacity

The additional storage created on the handles, with the inclusion of the fully zipped wheel and carry bag, makes the storage and transportation of clothing, flasks and other small essentials, a simple problem to rectify. This also makes an ideal storage space for the bucket ring supplied as standard to be kept in whilst not in use. The smaller outer pouch with Velcro fastenings, is ideal for storing your keys, wallet and phone in whilst on the move, enabling you to access them immediately whilst on the move.

Wheel & carry bag fitted

After pushing the fully loaded FXT HGV Trolly around on a few different bank side environments fully loaded, the UKMA team were very impressed with how well it moved across the ground, even when it was totally saturated. The way that the trolly is loaded means the weight is evenly distributed, making the transportation of big heavy loads very simple. At just under 17kg unloaded, it’s not the lightest trolly on the market but it offers arguably the most storage capacity currently available.

Foot Note – The FXT HGV Trolly is now available from all authorised Frenzee dealers and carries an RRP of £179.99. Over the coming weeks we’ll be reporting back to let you know how well it passes the test of time, so until then, watch thsi space.



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