Frenzee Double Pole Sock

Mon 24 February 14


When fishing the pole at variable lengths to enable you to fish to features in different areas of your swim. On of the biggest issues that many pole anglers have to deal with , is keeping extension section stored so you can easily get your hands on the instantly and most importantly storing them safely especially in windy conditions. The old style ‘Tulip’ pole retainer, that although functional when holding your pole in place whilst unhooking or not in use, it served no additions storage for extension sections. Then many companies release versions of the now common place ‘Pole Sock’ now these took things to another level with padded frames to protect sections from damage and a durable mesh sock to hold the tip of your pole without it being clamped into place but still no where to store you extension sections.

Frenzee Double Pole Sock

Vital Statistics

To deal with these issues, rising stars of the match fishing world Frenzee have come up trumps, with the release in 2013 of the Double Pole Sock. Unlike all others options currently available to the match angler. This simple but functional design features twin compartment, offering the pole angler two options, Firstly you can keep the main pole protected and at hand as with a single section pole sock and secondly, you can now store the extension section safely and most importantly at hand at all times. It measures 210mm wide x 130mm high on the external, with the two openings measuring 85mm x 85mm internally, with the external wall and the dividing partition being fully padded for total protection. Both of the socks measure 250mm in depth and have been made from a durable black mesh and all seams have been double stitched for assured strength. To finish off you have a solid brass threaded for attaching the Double Pole Sock to your box accessory arms or attachments.

Key Features

Final Thoughts

The UKMA team have been using the Double Pole Sock for over 3 months now and all we can say is “why didn’t somebody think of it before?” This very simple modification of the standard Pole Sock makes life for the pole angler a less cumbersome task when extension are needed, whilst assisting in preventing damage to these very expensive section on windy days. The depth of each sock ensures you section is held in place securely, whilst the frame padding cushions any unexpected sudden movements caused by gusting winds.

Frenzee Double Pole Sock being tested

After using the Double Pole Sock for several sessions now, the UKMA team can highly recommend you put your hand in your pocket and get one of these ASAP, it really make a difference when storing your main pole and extension section. Well done Frenzee on designing a simple solution to an awkward pole angling dilemma and at only £8.99 each, it won’t break the bank either.


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