Frenzee 10 kit Tip and Butt Roosts

Tue 28 November 17


No matter what time of the year it is, all pole anglers have find the best way of storing top kits and protecting them from the potential of damage from being thrown of your rig roost by strong winds. This is an issue you’ve all had to overcome over the years and their are numerous variations of the roost theme to keep your tops safe. One option that the UKMA team have been putting through its paces over the past few weeks that is worthy of a mention are the new for 2017 10 kit Tip and Butt Roosts from Frenzee.

Frenzee 10 kit Tip and Butt Roosts

Vital Statistics

A lot of thought has gone into the design of these kit roosts, and as soon as you see them you’ll notice a few new features that make them quite unique. They’re manufactured from a soft, yet hard wearing and perfectly formed black EVA foam, ensuring your top kits are securely held in place, without causing any damage. Even when the wind is trying it’s best to through your top kits across the lake, even in the strongest of wind.

Frenzee 10 Kit Tip Roost

The 10 Tip Roost features a totally different shaped retainer, that has been designed to allow tips to move, whilst eliminating any potential of breakages, whilst also keeping your tips securely in place. This has been achieved by introducing two anti lift ears that eliminate any chance of your top kits, No.4 sections and rods being dislodged, even in the strongest of winds.

Note – Even though the placement of your tips is through a narrow gap, removing your kits off of the roost for use is a very simple affair as the EVA has just enough give to enable them to be removed unhindered, whilst having enough rigidity to house then securely.

Frenzee 10 Kit Butt Roost

The 10 Kit Butt Roost, has been formed with two gripping grooves. the bottom or smaller groove fit perfectly around the female end of your top 2 kits, whilst the larger top groove retains your top 3 kits and No. 4 Sections, securely locking them in place. This clever double gripping option makes these roosts the ideal top kit storage for anglers who regularly use top 4 kits when targeting deep venues.

Final Thoughts

Having top kits broken or lost in the lake or river, due to strong winds can be a very expensive but the UKMA team feel this is now a thing of the past, if you give these very well designed Tip & Butt Roosts a try. Very well made, easy to attach to any bankstick, tripod or threaded attachment as they feature a stainless steel 3/8ths BSF (British Standard Fine) thread, which is the industry standard.

Foot Note – The 10 Kit Tip & Butt Roosts are available from all authorised Frenzee stockist and they sell for £12.99 each. If you need a smaller Roost, Frenzee have also released a 6 Kit Tip and Butt Roosts and these sell for £10.99 each.

Please find below a quick video that illustrates exactly how these very useful roosts work



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