Dinsmores Competition & Triple Upright Pole Rollers

Wed 13 May 15


Field Tested

Dinsmores are well known for producing innovative and practical shot and lead products, that no doubt many of you still have in your tackle boxes today but they have many other feathers in their cap as well. The West Midlands based company also supply literally hundreds of accessory products including a huge selection of metal wear, nets and numerous other items that are regularly used by anglers from all genre of the sport. A couple of products that caught the eye of the UKMA team at the Big One Farnborough earlier this year were their Competition and Triple Upright Pole Rollers, read on as we talk you through what they have to offer you the angler.

Dinsmores Competition & Triple upright Pole Rollers

The Competition Pole Roller

The Competition Pole roller measures in at 560mm wide x 585mm in height with the legs at standard length. Each of the four alloy square legs feature a threaded twist lock length adjustment system that enables you to extend the legs to a maximum length of 730mm, giving yo a ground clearance from the top of the flat roller to ground of 685mm.

threaded twist lock length adjustment system

The Competition roller features two injection moulded mechanisms that hold everything in place. These are supported and held together by an alloy box section, that is lightweight and gives the roller exceptional strength and stability. The Flat compressed foam roller measures in at 440mm (between the two upright rollers) and the two upright rollers measure 125mm in height. When not in use the spring loaded uprights fold flat to make transportation of the Competition Roller very easy.

The Competition Pole Roller top section

key features

The Competition Pole roller include a removable stabilising hook, which enables you to hang a loaded bucket or other heavy items, to ensure your roller stays in position and stable when fishing long in windy conditions.

Removable Stabilising hook

The Triple Upright Pole Roller

This is a pole roller for the serious match angler to have a good look at. When set up it measures in at 750mm wide x 530mm in height with the legs at standard length. As the name suggests, the Triple Upright Pole Roller features two 230mm wide flat roller and three 130mm high upright rollers. The rollers are all mounted on injection moulded supports that are held in place by a 660mm long alloy box section that gives the roller its stability and strength.

Triple Upright Pole Roller

This versatile double roller is ideally suited for situations whre you have obstacles behind you that prevent yo shipping back a long pole n one go, basically when you have to break your pole down twice. It also comes into its own when you require additional height to clear smaller obstacles, with the legs fully extended to there maximum length (865mm) this gives the Triple Upright Roller a ground clearance of 800mm from ground to the top edge of the flat rollers.

Permanently Fixed Stabilising hook

Final Thoughts

If you are in the market for a new pole roller, these two new offerings from Dinsmores will definitely have something to off pole anglers of all abilities. Over the past 5 weeks, the UKMA team have been using them for all of our match fishing and they have both performed superbly, all rollers are smoth, the legs when extended lock into position and give these roller excellent stability and structure. and as an added bonus, both rollers come supplied n a durable, fully zipped bag with internal Velcro fastenings straps to keep the secure whilst in transit.

Storage bags

Having used many of the top brands rollers in the past, the UKMA team can without a doubt recommend these as well made, stable and versatile pole rollers. The Competition Pole Roller sells for £66.00 and the Triple Upright Pole Roller will cost you £75 but obviously if you shop around on-line, there are some good deals to be found.

Foot Note – Both of these rollers are now available from your local Dinsmors stockist.


Visit the Website: http://www.dinsmores.co.uk/