Daiwa Tournament 500 Seat Box

Thu 07 January 16


The 10 Month Field Test

In March 2015, the UKMA team got our hands on what was then the latest addition to the Daiwa seat box range, the Tournament 500. Over the past ten months, we’ve used and abused it in match angling situations in all conditions and environments to truly establish how well it would perform a last the test of time, here’s how it got on.

Daiwa Tournament 500 Seat Box

Vital Statistics

The Tournament 500 has been built around a lightweight aluminium construction framework, which includes a bridge support system with a a 20mm deep modular tray permanently attached, ideal for storing winder strays or winders up to 26mm. The six 25mm round telescopic legs give the box a very stable feel, whilst also offering closer to ground positioning, especially when on even ground such as platforms. Also supplied as standard is one extra short corner leg for improved clearance when fishing down the edge, whilst sitting at an angle. The boxes integrated and retractable Aluminium footplate offers plenty of foot space and is secured in position by two compact hand wheels, which enables the footplate to be locked into position whilst in use or in transit.

Side drawers fully loaded

To store all your accessories in, you have two modular drawer units, that offer versatile storage options.First the double drawer unit can be used to store winder trays, shallow hook or accessory boxes, spools of line, pretty much anything that has a maximum height of 17mm can be stored. Both of these drawers have comfortable handles and are held in place when closed via a very secure magnetic strips. On the top of this unit you also have a shallow tray for large winders (up to 26mm), and if used as your top modular with the seat on top, hooklength boxes and other similar accessory items up to 35mm in height can be stored easily.

The Deep Front opening drawer fully loaded

The second drawer unit features a deep centre drawer unit that measures in at 22cm x 26cm x 4.5cm internally. This front opening drawer is the place to store all those bits and bobs that you need at hand at all times, including disgorger’s, scissors, plummets, bait punches, baiting tools etc. On the top of this unit you have two side compartments either side of the actual drawer. these are suitable for storing feeders and floats with space on top for large hooklength boxes or rig boxes if required.

Tournament 500 seat with rubber pole retainer

The seat of the Tournament 500 Seat Box is extremely comfortable to sit on. It features a wipe clean outer vinyl black and red cover with a hard wearing foam internal. At the front you have a deep recess with a rubber pole retainer, which comes in really handy when fishing the pole at range for long periods of time (particularly handy during the winter months).

!/cms/resources/a22-.jpg(Six 20mm modular trays (internal depth of 17mm) plus one base layer and lid.)!

Between the footplate and top framework, you have a large cavernous space that is the home of the Six 20mm modular trays.The base unit of this unit has four non slip rubber feet that prevent the unit moving and sliding around whilst in transit. The final component is the lid, this features a carry handle that can be pushed down flat, so the rig storage unit can fit under the frame unrestricted. These lightweight trays have an internal depth of 17mm and are specifically designed to house the Daiwa rig trays of which four are supplied as standard, giving you 50 winders supplied as standard.

Key Feature

All trays and modules of the Tournament 500 Seat Box feature a slim, spring loaded, One Touch Clip system (OTC). These slimline catches enable you to easily opening and close each tray for instant access to your kit, The other key advantage of these clips is the winder trays can be made thinner which optimises the potential rig storage potentials of the box.

Note – The 20mm trays can also be used as components of the top box to set the height of the seat to enable you to sit comfortably with your thighs parallel to the ground (which is he perfect sitting position).

Wheel kit supplied as standard

To complete the package, the Tournament 500 Seat Box is also supplied with a trolley kit. This featuring pneumatic tyres on both wheels and two arms that attach to the footplate leg and front leg of the box via two locking blocks as standard. The wheels are attached to aluminium bars that simply slide into the two square blocks mounted on the box frame between the front and rear legs. The wheels are securely held in place by anti-mark bolts with easy grip heads.


Daiwa Tournament with wheel kit fitted)


On the bank long term performance

Over the past 10 months the UKMA team have used the Tournament 500 Seat Box for the majority of our match fishing in all weathers and bank side situations, to evaluate how well it would perform and we weren’t disappointed. From fishing on custom built platforms on commercial fishery to fishing in water with the legs close to being fully extended, this is one very stable box. Even with 16 stone on it, at no point did the box show any signs of giving way to the heavy load sitting on top of it. The locking system on the legs is as secure as we have used and once locked into position, they stay locked and secure.

Important – When setting your box up, ALWAYS use the side and front spirit levels fitted to the main support frame, to guarantee that the box is as level as you can possibly get it before use

The Tournament 500 Seat Box in use

The versatility of the well thought out storage modular s make it possible to create the ideal sitting position for anglers of all heights. You can add and remove trays to suit your own personal seating requirements, without affecting the boxes performance or stability in the slightest. Once you’ve configured the modules and all catches are locked, unlike some of the modular systems we have used in the past, there is virtually zero movement, increasing the stability if you are a tall angler, who requires multiple modules above the supporting frame of the box.

masses of rig storage space

As well as the more than ample storage offer by the front and side drawer unit, the six 20mm trays offer enormous amounts of rig storage space. As you can see in the image above, we were able to store well over 100 rigs easily, with the majority of different manufactures winders fitting into these trays perfectly but for the best fit, you should opt for Daiwa winder trays as they fit perfectly, leaving no gaps for dirt or debris to get into, which could potentially damage the line on your rigs whilst in transit.

The Daiwa Tournament 500 Seat Box in it's natural environment

Final Thoughts

After spending numerous sessions out on the bank over the past ten months, the Daiwa Tournament 500 Seat Box has performed superbly. All fixtures and fitting have passed the test of time with flying colours, with very little signs of wear and tare, even after being rammed in the back of cars and used on some very awkward bank side situations. The pivoting sizeable mud feet that are fitted to the legs are rock solid and grip on most bank side materials without any fear of slipping or sinking, even on really saturated soft ground.

The fully adjustable shoulder strap is fully removable, so if like us you use a barrow to transport your gear to your swim, you can simply remove it and leave it at home. All of the compact hand wheels with no mark function on the bolt ends perform perfectly, leaving no markings or scratches on the powder coating on the legs. To summarise, this is one hell of a seat box that even the most demanding angler will get some serious mileage out of for years to come.

Foot Note – The Tournament 500 Seat Box is available in two colour options (Blue, Black/ Red, Black) and is available from all authorised Daiwa stockist for £599.00 full RRP which is excellent value for money but if you shop around on line, there are some excellent deals to be found.


Visit the Website: http://www.daiwasports.co.uk/