DAIWA - Dual Runner Pole Roller - Field Tested

Sat 03 May 14


Over the past three months, match fishing has become a major part of the UKMA teams time spent on the bank. Whilst participating in competitions over the previous six months, this has given us numerous opportunities to put gear through its paces in a match fishing environment to assess exactly how it would perform in a working environment in all types of weather. One of the many products that has performed exceptionally well during our bank side tests is the Dual Runner Pole Roller from Daiwa. Read on as we offer our thoughts on what is a piece of equipment that is an essential for every match angler who fishes the long pole

Vital Statistics

The Dual Runner Pole Roller measures in at 750mm wide at its widest point unassembled. The roller consists of two x 320mm wide, fully padded flat rollers, three x 130mm long, fully padded lift and lock upright arms that sit flat whilst in transit. the rollers are mounted on a sturdy aluminium support frame. with three injection moulded components holding everything together securely. At the base of the two end mouldings, this is where the fully extendible legs are attached and secured in place via a very durable plastic locking pin, to ensure that the legs stay locked into position, making the roller exceptionally stable, and this also makes transporting the roller much easier.

The legs feature an moulded plastic spike with a rimmed lip at the point where the spike is attached to the base of the leg. This well thought out feature, prevents the leg from falling inside the outer leg extension when being packed away. To enable the legs to be securely extended, you have a simple twist lock system that when rotated in an clockwise direction, this releases the internal leg extension and once set at the correct height, simply rotate the locking system in an anti-clockwise direction. The legs measure in at 480mm at their shortest length and once fully extended, they measure 860mm, which gives this roller a total ground clearance of 825mm from the ground to the top faces of the two flat rollers.

Final Thoughts

After regular using the Dual Runner Pole Roller out on the bank in a match fishing environment, the UKMA team have found this top quality pole roller to offers you the angler a reliably sturdy, very functional pole roller that is ideally suited to situations where you need to break your pole down twice because of limited or obstructed rear space. When either breaking down because of limited rear clearance or using two pole, this very lightweight roller performed its designated duties without any major fuss. Even in the windiest of conditions, it stayed stable and rigid at all time, virtually eliminating the problems associated with other rollers the UKMA team members have used in the past.

As a bonus for all you tackle tarts, you get a waterproof, carry bag with the roller as standard. It features an easy to use access zip at one end, it is fully lined with a wipe clean vinyl material so you can wipe it out to prevent mould forming after you pack away in the rain. the carry bag also features a perfectly located carry handle for balanced transportation and it has been finished off in black, with red piping on all stitching and the mandatory Daiwa logo to finish it off. The Dual Runner Pole Roller is available from all leading Daiwa stockists and sells for £79.99 but as per usual, shop around on line for some great deals.


Visit the Website: http://www.daiwasports.co.uk/