Daiwa D-Tatch Spray Bar

Wed 14 May 14


Daiwa D-Tatch Spray bar

Bump or spray bars have been available for many years now in various shapes and sizes. During that time they’ve proven to be a major asset for many anglers when fishing the long pole in strong winds or fishing long to features for long periods, proving to be a massive help to anglers who find fishing at 16m a demanding test. The only problem with many that are currently available is that setting them up can be a time consuming and in some cases a very cumbersome task. What was needed was a system that is easy to assemble, easy to take apart and also very importantly strong. After having a good look around to see what was available, the UKMA team have found what in our opinion is the ideal solution, introducing the D-TATCH SPRAY BAR from DAIWA SPORTS.

Vital Statistics

Daiwa D-Tatch Spray bar 2

This five component spray bar features 2× 200mm long support bars, with a permanently fixed injection molded connector block at the end that you connects to your footplate legs and this has been designed for use with all square and round legged seat boxes up to a maximum diameter of 25mm. At the opposite end you have a the same connector block but this is held in place with a very easy to use lever lock system to make setting up and packing away very quick and simple. You then have 2 × 265mm high curved upright support arms that feature a Level Lock at the top. These uprights are 20mm round and there is a circular insert supplied that fits inside the connector block to enables you to create a tight and secure fit once assembled. The final component is the 540mm long ripple bar which features a 440mm long, rippled pole support made from a compressed black foam, to totally protect your pole sections whilst being supported by the spray bar. At either end you have a 50mm long x 20mm round bar that slides into the level lock on the end of the upright support arms to complete the D-TATCH SPRAY BAR.

Daiwa D-Tatch Spray Bar 4

To set up this very useful spray bar is as easy as you like and takes no more than 30 seconds once you know what you are doing (first effort took the UKMA team 40 seconds). Start of by fitting a support bar onto either footplate leg and leave loose as you may have to adjust them to achieve a perfect fit and height for use. Then loosen off the anti scratch threaded nuts at the opposite end and insert the curved uprights, slightly tensioning until the nut is just gripping the bar, this is to allow a small amount of movement for the final stage of assembly. Then insert the end of the ripple bar into the lever lock at the top of one of the upright support arm and lock into place. Then simply locate the other end of the ripple bar into the second upright support arm and lock into position. Now assembled, simply adjust the height of the support bars and secure the locking nuts, then adjust the height of the ripple bar my loosening off the lever locks and once you are happy with the position and height, secure all lever locks and nuts to create a totally ridged pole support.

TOP TIP- In windy conditions the UKMA team highly recommend that you have the support bars as close to the curve of the uprights as you can get it without affecting the performance of the D-TATCH SPRAY BAR. This keeps it totally stable and assists in eliminating pole bounce, which will assist in keeping your presentation as close to perfect as possible.

Final Thoughts

After taking the D-TATCH SPRAY BAR out on the bank and using it for several sessions, the UKMA team have found it to be very easy to set up and a solid support for the pole in all weathers. Once fully secured and in position, it has performed better than many of the other more cumbersome spray bar options that we have used over the years, plus it is incredibly light weight, weighing in at only 838g total weight. All in all the D-TATCH SPRAY BAR from DAIWA SPORTS is a great box accessory that will fit all seat boxes with either round or square lugs up to 25mm diameter and support poles up to 16m with total ease.

They are available from all leading DAIWA SPORTS stockists for the very competitive price of £19.99 which is at least a £10 cheaper than all other similar products from many other leading brands and seriously worth considering as a viable option, if you’re in the market for a new spray bar.


Visit the Website: http://www.daiwasports.co.uk/