Custom Seatbox Seats

Wed 19 April 17


Custom Seatbox Seats

At UKMA we like to see people who independently offer a service to the angler, that is bespoke and good value for money. So when our friend Ashley Francis recommended that we had a look at what North West based Custom Seatbox Seats had to offer, we instantly made contact with this up and coming brand. After a bit of a chat with company owner Lee Pickup who generously donated a sample for us to put through it’s paces.

Custom Seatbox Seats profile

Lee Pickup at work

We started off making a few seatbox seat for mates at my local angling club a few years back. After a few of the lads were seen out on the bank using our seats, we soon started getting a few enquiries and thanks to social media, we decided to start the company.

All of our custom seats are manufactured using only materials that are 100% fit for the purpose, these include marine grade ply for the base plate, waterproof foam for assured long life and all outer coverings materials used are also marine grade.

We can make all to your own personal specifications, giving your seatbox a new and authentic style of it’s own. We have 5 different designs to choose from and quite a few different coloured carbon look materials to choose from. We can also cover the seat with a plain materials that is available in a variety of colours most colours, as is the piping around the base of the seat.

How to order

All you need to do is contact Custom Seatbox Seats via Facebook message or call them in person to discuss your requirements. In some cases you will be asked for the dimensions of the seat, to obtain an accurate measurement, simply follow the instructions below.

1 – Remove your seat from your box and on the underside, you’ll find the screws that hold the seat in frame.
2 – Remove all screws and then measure the internal dimensions, allowing 2mm play.

How to fit

This is very easy, simply remove the existing seat from the frame. Then place your Custom Seatbox Seat into the frame, turn it upside down and screw into the frame, Job Done!!

Custom Seatbox Seats fitted

The Facts

What Custom Seatbox Seats supply is a superb replacement seat option for any seatbox currently on the market. The outer material is very easy to keep clean but most importantly it is 100% waterproof. The inner foam on first impressions felt very hard but it turned out to be the most supportive and comfortable seat the UKMA team have come across in recent years.

Custom Seatbox Seats embroidered rear panel

The embroidery option is definitely something that the tackle tarts amongst you will need in your life and gives the seat a very personal finish.. We also opted for the white trim to set the seat off perfectly and we feel it really gives the box a classy finish.

Final Thoughts

We all like to look the part on the bank and these excellently made seats offer classy looks with top quality manufacturing. The optional embroidery is a very nice touch that makes every seat totally unique to the angler. As far as comfort goes, you’ll go a very long way to find a more comfortable seat. Lets face it, if one of these can handle the ample proportions of Ashley Francis (who is that big he has his own solar system) then you know they’re good!

Custom Seatbox Seats Prices & contact information

You have three styles to choose from in the range, these are Full Seat, Half Moon (featured) & Full Cut

All style of seats are £60 including postage as standard.

If you would like embroidery on your seat there is an extra charge (please contact Lee for prices)

For all enquiries please contact Lee on 07895 338826 during normal business hours.

Outside of business hours, please email